1. The Man

    Identity Politcs, Russian style

    Window on Eurasia -- New Series: Peoples of Idel-Ural Come Together to Fight Putin's Language and Nationality Policies For what it's worth, this wasn't a huge demonstration, just 200 or so people, actually All these entities are actually rather marginal within their respective regions and...
  2. Spookycolt

    Another corrupt democrat out of politcs.

    If we were to just get rid of all of them we could save ourselves a lot of time. Odds are that they are all guilty of something. Here is the latest democrat to get caught. Mayor of Charlotte resigns after public corruption, bribe charges Mayor of Charlotte resigns after public...
  3. Yuan Dynasty Yogi

    Which one is the worst message board for discussing politcs?

    For me it's a tie between Trekbbs and Forumopolis. At Trekbbs some mods like to purge people wo are not dems or even not their kind of liberals. Forumoplis is just and old boys club that hates ideological diversity.
  4. B

    Ranting on Politcs

    What are we? Seriously, I believe that is the one question that everyone needs to ask themselves. I have been discussing politics for a long time it seems, and the more I discuss it the clearer it becomes that the actual debate part of politics, the part that gives me the energy, the fuel to...