1. cpicturetaker12

    MUNCHIN & FED's 1 PAGE (indepth) analysis of GOP TAX bill (laughable & POLITICAL)

    Remember a couple of weeks ago when Mnunchin said he had like a hundred people working on the analysis of the GOP TAX BILL? 100 people produced a one page ROSIE SCENARIO document, apparently short on references, sources, analysis and FACTS. But then who cares about DETAILS, right?? (If you...
  2. RNG

    The perils of a political Federal Reserve

    There is an interesting article on the BBC site this morning about the Fed. The thumbnail sketch (link below) is as follows: Although the Fed is supposed to be independent of the government, the head is appointed by the president. So ... The situation was that the US economy was on the...
  3. Chief

    Is political ideology more important than sexual harrassment or assault?

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/keurig-boycott-leads-to-people-smashing-their-machines/ar-BBEU42x?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp I find this to be strange and alarming... so a company pulls ads from a show due to sexual misconduct and somehow they are the badguys? What the fuck happened to the...
  4. R

    The Fusion GPS dossier was one of the dirtiest political tricks in U.S. history

    well done kim. ------------------------------------ Lifting the Steele Curtain By Kimberley A. Strassel Nov. 9, 2017 7:34 p.m. ET The Steele dossier has already become a thing of John le Carré-like intrigue—British spies, Kremlin agents, legal cutouts, hidden bank accounts...
  5. cpicturetaker12

    Trump attt: SMEARING his sexual assault accusers is 'covered under political speech'

    Imagine for a NY nanosecond if Clinton had tried that approach. I'd like to think RawStory got this one from the ONION. But looks like they actually said it. Gee, perhaps Harvey Weinstein should have run for the Presidency. (In case you have forgotten, there is at least one sexual assault...
  6. S

    Reduce wealth's greater access to political power.

    Reducewealth's greater access to political power. Purchase of time for electronicbroadcasting advertisements are the major expense of national andstate-wide political campaigns; in aggregate it's a expense of somesignificance within USA's local political campaigns. Electronic broadcasting...
  7. the watchman

    7 in 10 say Donald Trump is making the U.S. political system more dysfunctional

    6 in 10 say Donald Trump is making the U.S. political system more dysfunctional Seven in 10 Americans say the nation’s political divisions are at least as big as during the Vietnam War, according to a new poll, which also finds nearly 6 in 10 saying Donald Trump’s presidency is making the U.S...
  8. bajisima

    Has single payer become a political graveyard?

    Interesting piece by Steve Rattner, was surprised to hear his views. Thoughts? Is he right or wrong? Repeal-and-replace may be done for now, but for Senator Bernie Sanders, the war is just beginning — and it has already become a fracas that is dividing the Democratic Party, to its...
  9. cpicturetaker12

    Democ'y will be toast, political scientists sound the US authoritarianism ALARMS

    I'm highlighting the scariest line! Money for the top, PROPAGANDA for the rest (the top feeding it to them to keep them in line and so they can feel superior about themselves since they won't have SHIT). Most distressing, writes Illing, is that none of the political scientists at the event...
  10. the watchman

    FEMA chief on San Juan mayor: We 'filter' out political noise.

    this administration is becoming more and more like a dictatorship everyday. Could you imagine what the uproar would have been if any other administration official talked like this under these circumstances. Granted, they may think it's political noise. But, this Mayor is only doing what she...
  11. Devil505

    The MSM should stop broadcasting Trump's political rallies

    .... or anything that smells like one. Freedom of the press also means the freedom to not be used by tyrants to spread lies and propaganda. Who decides what to cover?....the free press.
  12. Monk-Eye

    Kremlin Frets as Russia's Once Restive Islamist Region Takes Up Political Islam

    " Kremlin Frets as Russia's Once Restive Islamist Region Takes Up Political Islam " * Fictional Ishmaelism Idiocy At Large * Do those imbeciles pandering to the pretentious supremacy of arab cultural hegemony ever go away ...
  13. DemoWhip

    Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook will share Russian-linked political ads with Congress

    So, the Russians DID influence the 2016 elections afterall and Zuckerberg has the proof and is going to be turning it in to Congress! This is the development we had been waiting to know about and had been speaking about for some time. Now we are finally going to get to the bottom of just how...
  14. R

    How Often do you Agree with your Political Opposition?

    for me not very often. I think the political rhetoric gets in the way of having a situation where individuals can discuss things they agree on.
  15. PACE

    one year ago, a republican political strategist had to go to the FBI for protection

    he helped craft the letter (from 75 GOP politicians) urging Priebus to drop Traump, and the Alt Right went nuts on him.... You see, they ARE traump's base...
  16. cpicturetaker12

    Trump--absolute folly, political idiocy, moronic, stupidity--from a conservative

    It's ugly! No one is holding back now. Grassley won't 'let' Sessions be REPLACED even if fired--tweeted him tonight in so many words. Democrats can stop a new 'recess' by procedure. So Trump can't make a 'recess appointment'. GOP Senators are turning against him. Ken Starr said he better...
  17. Babba

    Political Polarization Is Mainly A Right-Wing Phenomenon

    Yet another study showing that right wingers are very insular and myopic in their news consumption. :hopelessness: A Major New Study Shows That Political Polarization Is Mainly A Right-Wing Phenomenon | WGBH News
  18. Singularity

    Australian (their ABC) political editor flays Trump alive for G-20 performance

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8iPj6Oo8Io&feature=youtu.be Key points: * Trump made no apparent effort to unify leaders around any particular issue, even though North Korea provided an obvious opportunity to do this * Trump's scripted speeches on the West were interesting, but nobody bought...
  19. Singularity

    Admin: Turn over your voter data. State govts. across political spectrum: Kiss my ass

    Hey guys, I'm not really sure they thought this one through... The count is now at 24, and that's hardly a mass of Left Coast #Resistance havens. For example: Indiana Utah Arizona Ohio Pennsylvania Wisconsin Why, I do believe those are all states that Trump won, but either by the barest...
  20. reedak

    Political Satire: The Old Man of the Mountain (4)

    Narrator: About half an hour later, the priest saw the middle-aged man's neighbour walking his dog near a bridge. After exchanging the usual morning greetings and bidding farewell, he continued his journey across the 200-metre-long bridge spanning a deep gorge. The bridge was made of planks...