1. Puzzling Evidence

    Is Donald Trump in cognitive decline?

    I would never have started a thread about this, but after seeing the video below, I have concluded that Trump has a notable difference in his speech patterns from a mere few years ago. This is an interview with Trump in 1987: Extremely quick on his feet by comparison to today - Impressive...
  2. Bad Bob

    Collapse of the Republican party

    I've observed the Republican party from it's heyday in the 1960s with Barry "Mr. Conservative" Goldwater. I joined it at 18 in the early 1970s and watched it's slow downfall in the mid-80s when the Christian Coalition was allowed a major seat at the table (note Goldwater's remarks about it in...
  3. K

    Jordan Peterson: The fatal flaw in leftist American politics

    Here is some food for thought: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UVUnUnWfHI Identity Politics of the Left has no limit point. Government Forced Equality of Outcome will lead to Leftie excesses that will destroy the Nation. He makes a huge number of very effective arguments about why...
  4. boontito

    Have Conservatives Evolved or Grown Regarding Treatment of Women in Politics?

    Over the past few years, the comments from many conservatives on the physical appearance of women in and around the political world has drastically changed for the better. We've gone from non-stop remarks about Hillary Clinton's "cankles", her wardrobe and her being a "hag" to self-righteous...
  5. RNG

    Media bias extends beyond politics

    This is from the Axios AM newsletter so I can't link it but it does have some links in it that I will post below. It quite surprised me...
  6. KnotaFrayed

    More on the mix of politics, ideologies, religion and more with changes of heart.....

    Not long ago I posted about a guy named Rob Schenck who was an obsessive anti-abortionist, anti-homosexual and right winged "religious" advocate who came to a change of heart and his discussion about what led him to that change of heart. Here are the stories of others and their changes of heart...
  7. KnotaFrayed

    Mixing Politics and Religion and a change of heart from severe religiosity

    A program that is very apt for today and considering how some are similar to how this man , Robert Schenck once felt and acted, before he came to a change of heart, after 25 years, perhaps seeing what so many Christians already saw, while so many others still seem blind to. 'Once Militantly...
  8. Minotaur

    Dear Democrats Identity Politics

    Let's be real for a moment. The republicans in Congress get elected by convincing republicans to vote identity politics. They have perfected the job. Their followers rarely vote democratic and if they decide to go against a republican they are more likely to vote Independent rather than vote for...
  9. Two If By Tea

    Kitchen Table Politics for Dummies

    On Sirrius XM is a man named Thom Hartman. Every Thursday or Friday he interviews Representive Mark Pocan "D" Wisconsin. Mark Pocan while the so called leader of the "progrssive" caucus told Thom Hartman why we lost 2014 and 2016.. Called kitchen table politics and the "Democrat" party...
  10. orangecat

    [GW 29] The problem with identity politics

    A great vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9_bI789Gog This is one of the main reasons the left is flailing about so ineffectually.
  11. Goofball

    Today's shooting has nothing to do with Trump or politics.

    Sorry Libwingers..............you will have to wait for the next tragedy to politicize. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/jarrod-ramos-annapolis-shooting-suspect-identified-maryland-shooting-capital-gazette-today-2018-06-28/
  12. excalibur

    Decide, Democrats: Is This Nazi Germany or Normal Politics?

    As Democrats hide behind children. Decide, Democrats: Is This Nazi Germany or Normal Politics? ... While no one credible is saying that Democrats should sign on, now, to every aspect of the various GOP plans, given the emergency — given the Nazi menace — you’d think they’d at least...
  13. T

    Politics Trump says he'll succeed with Putin where Bush, Clinton, Obama failed

    Claiming, among other things, that one of the Bushes did not have the smarts to deal with Russian, Turmp once again defends his offering of his backside for the taking to Russia. Taking to social media, again, Turmp makes his case as to why he kisses to buttocks of Russia, saying that being...
  14. RNG

    How biased is your news source?

    Here is a fascinating chart. Check out the descriptions of the various boxes on the right hand side. Unfortunately, the link doesn't reference the methodology behind the ratings...
  15. Darkman

    Trump’s gripes against McCabe included wife’s politics, Comey’s ride home

    Trump’s gripes against McCabe included wife’s politics, Comey’s ride home Trump?s gripes against McCabe included wife?s politics, Comey?s ride home --- Sorry I am on my cell phone now ...not home ...and can't really copy/paste properly currently... Interesting read never the less :D
  16. Dittohead not!

    Welcome to third world style politics

    right here in the good old USA, where the Congress can't come up with a budget. The best they can do is partisan gamesmanship and sniping, but can't do their Constitutionally required duty of formulating a budget. Republicans like to say that the Democrats want to help illegal aliens, but...
  17. KnotaFrayed

    Schemers and dreamers.......The face of the nation and its politics......

    At first blush and overview, what would someone who knows NOTHING about the U.S. and the platforms of its two main political parties see when they listen to members and supporters of each party speak about what they stand for? Where might they see schemers and those who support and defend...
  18. KnotaFrayed

    Winter humor.....sans politics....

  19. The Man

    Russian military influencing politics

    Putin, defense minister general Sergey Shoigu (green uniform), and admiral Vladimir Korolev, head of the Russian Navy. Much more: Backed by Putin, Russian military pushes into foreign policy Indeed, makes sense. I dare say this has gone on for awhile, the military gaining influence. It is...
  20. N

    Let's take Testosterone out of Politics.

    We need more women in gov't at every level. Less tribalism, power grabs, war talk, divisiveness etc. Watcha think?