1. KnotaFrayed

    Popularity with Americans.....

    Twitter is the communication "format" of choice for many people, most notably the current POTUS. Out of curiosity, I was interested in see if there might be any correlation in popularity to the number of "followers" any President or former President that uses Twitter, might have. For a...
  2. D

    Poll: GOP's popularity 'is in freefall'

    Poll: GOP's popularity 'is in freefall' | TheHill By John Bowden ================================= As had been predicted, Americans now are leaving Republicans in favor of Democrats. And who can honestly blame them? Seeing how Republicans have mistreated so many people and have...
  3. The Man

    Stalin regains popularity in Russia

    As Confederate statues fall in U.S., Russians are erecting statues for dictator Stalin Even the Church supports Stalin, they made a nice official calendar about him back in 2014: http://politicalhotwire.com/current-events/99162-orthodox-church-glorifies-stalin-biographic-calendar.html The...
  4. L

    Gehrke: As long as Teflon Trump drives the partisan divide, his popularity in Utah wi

    By Robert Gehrke · 1 hour ago It would be an understatement to say that, six months into Donald Trump’s presidency, Margaret Ernstrom doesn’t like what she’s seeing. “He behaves like a teenager who needs to have his phone taken away,” she says. “He acts like a kid who has a temper...
  5. Madeline

    Bernie's Popularity Soars -- Except With Democrats

    https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/mar/17/everyone-loves-bernie-sanders-except-democratic-party I will never vote for any Democrat who does not support universal care, and so far, this means I will never vote for any Democrat here in NE Ohio. Evolve or become extinct, you...
  6. GordonGecko

    Does Obama's new popularity doom Trump?

    Does Obama's New Popularity Doom Trump | RedState This new polling is a double-whammy for the Right....especially "certain elements" of it. 1. Naturally, it's bad news for Trump. Good approvals for an incumbent President help the candidate of his Party. Bad ratings would hurt Hillary...
  7. Devil505

    Trump's popularity on the Right

    Is it really an indication of how good a candidate he is or how low the Republican base has sunk?
  8. Babba

    Another Explanation for Trump's Popularity

    This post explains how Republicans became post-policy by using fear of the "other". Convincing the Republican base that Obama was anything but a legal American and not a Christian. Trump has tapped into the same post policy strategy...
  9. ProgressivePatriot

    Non-Monogamy Growing in Acceptance and Popularity

    In recent years the issue of same sex marriage dominated the discussions about relationships and marriage. Other variations on traditional, one man, and one woman relationships only came up as slippery slope fear mongering in an attempt to thwart legalization of same sex marriage. The fact is...
  10. bajisima

    Donald Trump's popularity with women is no joke

    By almost all accounts, 2012 was the year of the woman, as female voters opted for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney 56-44. For a while there, all we seemed to be talking about was the way in which women would not be talked down to again. "The ostensible lessons of 2012 seem to have been...
  11. GordonGecko

    Scott Walker's popularity back home nose-dives-

    Overall, do you approve or disapprove of the way Scott Walker is handling his job as Governor of Wisconsin? Approve - 39.4% Disapprove - 57.2% Don't know - 2.3% https://law.marquette.edu/poll/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/MLSP29ToplinesFinal.pdf Remember now, like Paul Ryan...
  12. timslash

    Christie Roams, and Popularity Suffers at Home

    http://www.nytimes.com/2014/12/28/nyregion/christie-roams-and-popularity-suffers-at-home.html Well, it was obvious that guy with reputation like Christie had(In Jersey) will be successful somewhere else. Chris was always bad politician and i don't think that he will become better soon. It...
  13. G

    First Child's Death From Liquid Nicotine Reported as 'Vaping' Gains Popularity

    upstate New York may have been the first child to die from poisoning by liquid nicotine, the substance used in e-cigarettes, in the U.S., concerning health officials as e-cigarettes continue to rise in popularity. Police reported that the 1-year-old child died after ingesting liquid nicotine...
  14. Lilly

    Christie's popularity at lowest recorded since 2011

    For the past eight months Christie's ratings drop most sharply in three areas. Taxes down 10 points to 33% approval Economy down 3 points to 38% approval and Education down 10 points to 39% approval Christie's popularity at lowest recorded levels, governor in negative territory...
  15. meridian5455

    With Obama's Popularity Down, MSNBC Flys to Kenya To Show How Much They Love Him

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Et_3AbuQ8_0 Is MSNBC Obama's Bottom "B" or what?
  16. kmiller1610

    Popularity of the ACA (it's getting worse)

    Health Tracking Poll: Exploring the Public?s Views on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) | The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Considering the number of threads we had a while back trumpeting the success of the ACA, it's time to revisit the popularity of the law. I googled this topic (Popularity...
  17. Cicero

    GOP not just tone deaf, they're stone deaf. Popularity continues to plummet

    NBC/WSJ poll: Shutdown debate damages GOP By Mark Murray, Senior Political Editor, NBC News The Republican Party has been badly damaged in the ongoing government shutdown and debt limit standoff, with a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finding that a majority of Americans blame the...
  18. Devil505

    In the Polls: Republican Popularity Falls as Blame Rises

    HOME / BREAKING NEWS / In the Polls: Republican Popularity Falls as Blame Rises ANTHEA MITCHELL | MORE ARTICLESOCTOBER 07, 2013 Page 1 of 4 view all Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) has been named the chief strategist behind the government shutdown, with Obamacare and the spending bill at...
  19. vikingbeast

    Congress Popularity

    Lee Hamilton takes his own to the wood shed where they belong. Bingo! LEE H. HAMILTON: The futility of Congress | More Opinions | The Sun Herald
  20. meridian5455

    Weiner admits to sexting more women as poll shows his popularity has plummeted

    NEW YORK — Anthony Weiner admitted that he exchanged sexual messages with at least three more women after a sexting scandal forced him out of Congress two years ago. The revelation came as a new poll found the Democratic mayoral hopeful’s popularity has plummeted after he admitted that he...