1. Devil505

    Whose posts are aiding/abetting V. Putin's efforts against the USA?

    A little paranoia is often warranted. When you read certain members constant posts degrading U.S. Intelligence agencies, FBI and other security assets that we have relied on for over 60 years to keep us safe from foreign enemies, ask yourself "Who is benefiting from these posts?" Not all these...
  2. Southern Dad

    Police Department, Sheriff's Offices, and State Trooper Posts - Lip Sync Battles

    All varieties of law enforcement have been getting involved in the Law Enforcement Lip Sync Challenge. This started in Texas but has continued to towns of all sizes. Here's Monroe PD's entry. Watch for your local law enforcement to toss a video out there...
  3. cpicturetaker12

    TX AG quits over sexist posts & his aide puts a ME2R's marching c*nt's cartoon!

    So the Texas AG, (State's top lawyer) resigns immediately after some sexist posts surfaced. Immediately--bam retired. THEN his AIDE quit the next day. Apparently the aide was a fan of MILO Yiannapolous who put up a Peanuts cartoon portraying women 'marchers or ME2Rs as c*nts'. Honestly, I...
  4. DemoWhip

    Russian-generated Facebook posts pushed Trump as 'only viable option'

    This new evidence should certainly convince and satisfy most Republicans and other doubters who thought there was no Russian influence in the election but now we have the story. There WAS INDEED Russian influence and interference in the 2016 election! No wonder Hillary Clinton did not win. Many...
  5. Singularity

    President Trump posts video celebrating Air Force's 70th birthday

    Problem is, the first image in the video is of an F/A-18 Super Hornet, which is an exclusively Navy/Marine Corps aircraft that routinely operates from aircraft carriers. And there are a lot of naval service pilots and other personnel yucking it up on Twitter. Kelly probably was amused by this.
  6. T

    Trump Claims He Purposely Left Cabinet Posts Unfilled Photo of Robert Donachie Robert

    Does this ass-clown do anything other than watch Fox News and tweet? Indeed, with apparently not enough on his plate, the president took to Twitter to defend himself form the sycophantic Fox and Friends, claiming that all of the unfilled positions were left that way intentionally so he could...
  7. HayJenn

    Fox/ Daily Caller delete posts encouraging people to drive through protests

    Months before a man allegedly turned his vehicle into a weapon and plowed through a group of protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, an article that made the rounds in conservative media encouraged readers to do something similar. Originally published by The Daily Caller and later syndicated...
  8. MaryAnne

    White House Posts Sensitive Info.

    Who,in their right mind would give these fools voter information?
  9. GordonGecko

    Save the RW Posts Moment #3479--- Trump's post address polls

    Don't be surprised if after his speech last night, which I freely admit was a good one? If Trump's polls don't go up, perhaps above 50%. Also there will be no surprise AT ALL, that the SAME Rightwingers who denied the polls and called them "fake news" for the past month? Will cite...
  10. BAZINGA DrumpF

    White House posts wrong versions of Trump's orders on its website. HAHA! WOW!

    White House posts wrong versions of Trump's orders on its website WASHINGTON — The White House has posted inaccurate texts of President Trump's own executive orders on the White House website, raising further questions about how thorough the Trump administration has been in drafting some of his...
  11. GordonGecko

    Good Things about a Trump Victory-----a series of PH-PD posts-

    (I've already on another thread mentioned how their support for Trump has put the Relgious Right clearly in opposition to their supposed beliefs. Or how Fiscal Conservatives are now supporting Trump's trillion dollar stimulus plan. May expand on those later) This one about...
  12. kmiller1610

    Over/Under bet- "if" Clinton loses, how many OPs and posts crying "electoral fix"?

    The RCP average shows Clinton inching up to a 4 point lead, but the battleground states getting closer and closer. If Trump loses the popular vote, but wins the electoral college, how many will call foul!?
  13. GordonGecko

    Over/Under bet- "if" Trump loses, how many OPs and posts claimiing "voter fraud"?

    Starting from Fox News calling it....say 10-11pm. And for the next three days (72 hours). I'd say, given the number of Pro-Trump Right here at PH...and the number of repetitive or "I'll say it again" posts, the Over/Under of Rightwing "It was voter fraud...WE WUZ ROBBED!" OPs and posts...
  14. Madeline

    Amazon Posts 300% More Profits For 3rd Qtr over 2015; E-Commerce Lauded Amazon is out to become the Google of retail, and I think they'll succeed. They will kill bricks and mortar superstores, which is fine by me. Older...
  15. Singularity

    Post debate, FiveThirtyEight posts better-than-even Clinton chances in FL, NC and NV

    Trump had been forecast by a narrow margin to win all three before the debate. As a reminder, FiveThirtyEight has been the most pessimistic aggregate since late July, from a Democratic perspective. NYT's Upshot has had Clinton favored above 50 percent in Florida and Nevada except in late...
  16. L

    Astute Political Posts on Social Media are Working for Libertarians

    According to a Rantic study that allegedly polled 10,000 Facebook users, many may be wasting their time making political posts on Facebook. The study categorized into Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Perhaps they left the Libertarians out because they are doing well on social media...
  17. TNVolunteer73

    Say something Postive about the person that posts just before you do in the thread.

    I will start with off BDBoop Found this image on line. I may not agree with her 99% of the time., But I admire her passion in defending her opinions and beliefs.
  18. meridian5455

    Black Driver Posts Selfie With White Cop That's Shared Nearly 500,000 Times

    black Indiana man who snapped a selfie with a white cop during a traffic stop to prove that not all police interactions are bad has gone viral. Greg Barnes Jr. took a photo with the Indiana state trooper who pulled him over for speeding last Friday to send a positive message about police...
  19. Southern Dad

    Police Officer Beaten - Social Media Posts Mocking Him

    Are officers afraid to use force? Is it endangering themselves and the public? This officer was beaten because he hesitated to shoot a defiant unarmed man., C. (n.d.). Man charged in Birmingham detective's beating; outrage follows support of attack on social media...
  20. the watchman

    Trump campaign fires staffer over allegedly racist Facebook posts.

    Trump campaign fires staffer over allegedly racist Facebook posts - The Washington Post wow. Why would a staffer do something this blatant? Also, why was this guy hired again after being fired the first time?