1. Helena

    Happy Birthday to America, from Prague

    From Prague Castle: From the US Embassy...
  2. Helena

    Putin's Night Wolves in Prague

    Also: News - All stories | Radio Prague Russian Night Wolves honour war dead in Prague, face critics | Prague Monitor The Night Wolves have been coming at this time of year for some time now, and they travel to other parts of Europe as well. The Man I'm sure you know more about them...
  3. Helena

    Meanwhile, over in Prague

    Hello all. I've been meaning to check in for some time and before I got around to it we got our own locally brewn political drama here. I thought some of you might find it giggle-worthy. Czech president 'accepts' PM's unoffered resignation | World | A short breakdown...
  4. Engine-Ear

    Gas explosion in Prague

    Helena, I hope you are safe, this looks pretty bad, let us know how you are. Explosion shakes central Prague, as many as 40 injured | Reuters
  5. D

    Art vs Guns: Prague Spring

    Good story on NPR this morning about resistance to tyranny in the former Czechloslovakia Soviets Attacked Czechs' 'Virus Of Freedom' In '68 : NPR And 20 years later the same spirit finally won out: Velvet Revolution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia