1. excalibur

    Mueller WILL NOT Present Collusion Evidence At Manafort Trial

    Cannot present what never existed. Mueller WILL NOT Present Collusion Evidence At Manafort Trial | The Daily Caller
  2. Devil505

    Mueller must present his findings to the courts and not just the corrupt congress

    Let's test this BS about a sitting President can't be indicted! No court has ever found that nor does the COTUS bar it. Bring it on Mr. Mueller!!
  3. the watchman

    BREAKING: Trump's personal attorney was present at the DOJ informant briefing.

    no link yet. Just heard this reported a few minutes ago. WTF? Seriously What the actual fuck? *edit*
  4. libertariat720

    Message to the school shooters: past, present and future Worth a watch. Peterson goes into depth about what motivates these young men and what his message to them would be.
  5. T

    Trump to present 'dishonest & corrupt media awards'

    After threatening to launch a nuclear attack last night, the president remained on Twitter to promote his next activity. Apparently, next Monday he will be giving out awards to the media for the most fake. most corrupt, or apparently most likely to portray him in an accurate light as a...
  6. MaryAnne

    Mnuchin Christmas Present.

    I bet this made him happy. Reminds me of the gift John Boehner received at his campaign headquarters. Merry Christmas! Gift-wrapped poop sends bomb squad to Mnuchin's Bel Air mansion - NY Daily News
  7. PACE

    Lower than rat sh-t bastard beats five year old with belt for opening a Xmas present

    Who raises these little assholes? Beat the kid in the face with a belt? People like this shouldn't breed. Man 'beat his girlfriend's five-year-old son around the face after he opened one of his Christmas gifts early' - NZ Herald
  8. Spookycolt

    Hillary's Christmas present from Barack
  9. cpicturetaker12

    Speilberg's Christmas present to us liberals!!

    Speilberg always presents his material superbly. I WILL see this one on the big screen. Can't wait! Mark your calendars. Dec. 22 limited release. January nationwide. Trailer below...
  10. Dittohead not!

    Does the present actually exist?

    Anything that happened, even a picosecond or less ago, is in the past. What is a picosecond (or less) from now, is future. The present has no dimension in time. The duration of the present is exactly zero. So, if it has no dimension in time, does it actually exist? How can something that has...
  11. bajisima

    Mnuchin, Price advance with no democrats present

    The Senate Finance Committee advanced the nominations of Steven Mnuchin, Donald Trump's treasury secretary nominee, and Tom Price, his pick for health secretary, on Wednesday. The vote in committee came after Democrats boycotted a vote in protest, but Republicans then changed the rules for...
  12. Howey

    Does Heterosexuality Present a Risk to Society?

    Should we take steps to remove this threat when innocent people are put at risk? Discuss. Hepatitis C Kills More Americans than Any Other Infectious Disease | CDC Online Newsroom | CDC (Djinn edit - Thread title change to avoid ambiguity)
  13. B

    Hillary Clinton... clear and present danger to U.S. national security

    Clinton emails a clear security risk | Boston Herald She will never see the inside of the White House again. Except maybe on the tour.
  14. meridian5455

    Hmm, was this girl present for both the Oregon and Sandy Hook shootings? You decide.
  15. meridian5455

    Media outlets jump to present President Obama with his requested gun stats chart

    During his politicization last evening of the tragic mass shooting at Umpqua Community College, President Obama requested that the media prepare a chart comparing the number of gun deaths in the United States to deaths from terrorist attacks to show American citizens the scope of our gun...
  16. Singularity

    Ebola now present in most of sub-Saharan Africa; largest outbreak ever

    And an increasing number of aid workers are getting sick. The various health NGOs are pleading for more outside assistance as the nations which are hit the hardest are out of resources. Aid from the rest of Africa seems to be pretty much nonexistent: Either they have their own problems, as in...
  17. MaryAnne

    Republicans Present New bills

    To improve the ACA with bi partisan support. A Major Victory for Obama: House Republicans Introduce 3 Bills That Improve Obamacare
  18. yuri zhivago

    small present for all those who are upset

    that Obama has won. Enjoy :
  19. the watchman

    Giffords to be present at State of the Union (why won't Lamborn)?

    Remember that pledge that there would be a a new-found spirit of cooperation among politicians in Washington - following the Giffords tragedy? Didn't last long did it? On the one side we have Giffords, fighting to be whole, and providing a shining example of how bad politics can get - while at...
  20. Roshi

    History of U.S. Intervention in Iran - 1953 Until Present

    And the neocons wonder why Iran and other counties in the Middle East hate the west.... Guess what, actions have consequences. This video is WELL worth the 10 minutes. You want to tout the US bringing Democracy to countries? How about us destroying...