1. MaryAnne

    3 million For Price Seat

    Usually lucky to get $10,000.
  2. BAZINGA DrumpF

    NY attorney reportedly probed Price investments before his firing. Okay? Will he tell

    NY attorney reportedly probed Price investments before his firing. Preet Bharara, the former U.S. attorney fired by the Justice Department last week, was investigating Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price at the time of his dismissal, Pro Publica reported Friday. The former New York...
  3. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Trump Tells Ryan & Price to WAIT a YEAR or so, to R&R ACA to show it IMPLODES! FFS!

    In today's Oval office BS Show meeting. FFS! WOW!? THE orange Douche TrumPigOlkini running away fast! From the great ACA! Trump Tells Ryan & Price all the time (WE'RE HARMING OURSELVES HERE!) to wait a year or so to R&R ACA! To show it implodes! FFS! FFS! Trying to get an escape plan for...
  4. Amelia

    Price: nobody will be worse off financially

    HHS Sec. Tom Price: 'Nobody Will Be Worse Off Financially' Under GOP Health Plan - NBC News Riiiiiiight I firmly believe you're dishonest .... or incompetent if you actually believe what you're saying. But thanks for the quotes, so that you can join the contenders for "lie of the year".
  5. BAZINGA DrumpF

    MEET THE PRESS: Tom Price was Priceless! What a FULL BEDPAN! Crazy (R) Doctors! FFS!

    Tom Price undercounts Obamacare impact on getting more Americans insured "The number of individuals who actually got coverage through the exchange who didn't have coverage before, or who weren't eligible for Medicaid before is relatively small. So we've turned things upside down completely...
  6. DemoWhip

    HHS Secretary Tom Price dodges on whether new health care plan is guaranteed to cover

    Well here you go folks! The Republicans are already admitting their new health care bill isn't worth the paper it is written on. Dodging important questions is not what should be happening. With no guarantees that the GOP healthcare bill would be lower than Obamacare we can consider it an utter...
  7. bajisima

    Mnuchin, Price advance with no democrats present

    The Senate Finance Committee advanced the nominations of Steven Mnuchin, Donald Trump's treasury secretary nominee, and Tom Price, his pick for health secretary, on Wednesday. The vote in committee came after Democrats boycotted a vote in protest, but Republicans then changed the rules for...
  8. the watchman

    who's watching the Health Secy Tom Price confirmation hearing?

    it's on all the major cable news networks off and on. So, we really don't have much of a choice other than just turning the news off. There are four confirmation hearing going on at the same time. But, Price is the one that's under the most fire because of insider trading conflict of interest...
  9. the watchman

    Democrats call for ethics probe of Trump HHS nominee Tom Price.

    Washington (CNN)Senate Democrats are calling on the House Office of Congressional Ethics to launch an investigation into Rep. Tom Price, President-elect Donald Trump's nominee for Health and Human Services secretary, to probe the congressman's financial investments and stock holdings. "We are...
  10. StanStill

    The Price I’ve Paid for Opposing Donald Trump

    The Price I’ve Paid for Opposing Donald Trump by DAVID FRENCH October 21, 2016 12:55 PM @DavidAFRENCH Trump’s alt-right trolls have subjected me and my family to an unending torrent of abuse that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I distinctly remember the first time I saw a picture of my...
  11. excalibur

    General Cartwright - paying the price - Hillary's sins

    General Cartwright is paying the price for Hillary Clinton’s sins
  12. bajisima

    Gas shortages, price hikes coming to the East Coast

    Be prepared if you live here.. A leak has caused the closure of a crucial pipeline that carries gasoline to the eastern United States, a disruption that threatens to drive up prices and leave service stations without fuel to sell. A section of the Colonial Pipeline, which runs from Houston...
  13. DemoWhip

    Hillary Clinton Proposes Crackdown on 'Unjustified' Drug Price Hikes

    Thank God For Hillary Clinton! In a day and age when companies want to raise the prices of drugs so much that Americans who need those items the most are left in the cold on the outside looking in because they can't afford to buy them anymore is a truly sad situation. Fortunately, enters Hillary...
  14. DemoWhip

    EpiPen Price Hike Prompts Some US Families to Buy the Drug in Canada

    After the huge increase in price is it any wonder Americans are now going over to Canada to purchase the EpiPens? It is a shame they had to raise the price so much to where it no longer became feasible to purchase the EpiPen in this country as before. Consequently, Canada is now the proud...
  15. Goofball

    EpiPen price gouger is Clinton Slush Fund Foundation Donor.

    I can see an asshole like this loving her some Hillary. Company that price gouged EpiPen is Clinton Foundation donor | New York Post
  16. L

    EpiPen's steady price increases masked until deductibles rose

    Jayne O'Donnell, Patti Singer and Shari Rudavsky, USA TODAY Network The maker of the life-saving allergy shot EpiPen is the new poster child for exorbitant drug price increases, as high-profile members of Congress, doctors and consumers lash out over huge price increases since 2009...
  17. S

    USA goods could be more price competitive

    USA goods could be more price competitive. ________________________________________ I’m a proponent of a unilateral substantially market driven global trade policy as described within the Wikipedia article “Import Certificates”. If it were adopted by the USA it would almost, (if not entirely)...
  18. NiteGuy

    Remember Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payment Systems? Here's how things are going....

    One year later... Seems that Gravity Payments is doing alright. Revenues and profits doubled, added some 50 employees over the last year, and oh yeah, he won the lawsuit his brother filed against him. Whatever you may think of a guy paying his...
  19. BDBoop

    Promises and Price Tags: A Fiscal Guide to the 2016 Election

    Promises and Price Tags: A Fiscal Guide to the 2016 Election | Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget Donald Trump Would Push Debt To Highest Level In U.S. History, Report Says Awesome! More good news. :)
  20. bajisima

    Patients trying to cope with the price hike of Epi Pens

    "Dr. Douglas McMahon hears daily complaints from patients in his allergy clinics across the Twin Cities about the rising costs of EpiPens. The epinephrine injections are the only way to stop an allergic reaction once it starts. Now, with EpiPen as the only maker of the lifesaving medicine, both...