1. Rasselas

    Boehner's Replacement: Tom Price?

    You'll almost never find me quoting anything from Newsmax, but on this topic, they might know what they're talking about: Boehner Challenge Unlikely but Price May Be Right
  2. bajisima

    USPS asks for emergency increase in price of stamps

    The United States Postal Service is asking for an emergency increase in the cost of stamps to pay for decreased volume. If approved the new cost of a stamp would be 49 cents. Does anyone even use the mail anymore? Postal Service Asks for Emergency Price Increase - Management -
  3. S

    Taxes Are The Price We Pay To Live In Such A Great Country So Be Thankful

    I am so sick of people complaining about taxes. Tax dollars fund the American Way but some nutjobs think taxes are too high. Fact America has some of the lowest taxes in the world and plenty of loopholes to avoid paying much of it but no thats not good enough for the tea baggers Fine if...
  4. meridian5455

    John Wiley Price talks about skin condition on World Vitiligo Day

    John Wiley Price talks about skin condition on World Vitiligo Day | Dallas - Fort Worth For those of you familiar with Mr. Price's antics and activities over the years, you may see the same irony about his skin condition that I do.
  5. ptif219

    Obama Quietly Raises 'Carbon Price' as Costs to Climate Increase

    Once again Obama goes around congress to support a failed policy. Obama continues to do things to hurt the economy when the economy is still struggling. Someone should tell Obama warming is not what he claims it is in fact it is now insignificant. Obama Quietly Raises 'Carbon...
  6. P

    As seen on tv - name your own price for food!

    AS SEEN ON TV - NAME YOUR OWN PRICE FOR FOOD! I had to take a minute to thank the lady that recommended this amazing program found at (spam link) I signed up based on the savings you showed us you were getting with this amazing program and it is indeed amazing! I am talking about saving a...
  7. Oscar99

    Price of Gold collapsing!!!

    Gold Price per Ounce Wow, its dropped $204 in the last 6 months!!! that's almost 12%!!!! looks like Alex Jones and all the other paranoid conspiracy theorist Gold shills, are selling snake-oil!!!! get your money out of Gold before its too late!!!!
  8. Cicero

    Name your price: Fiscal cliff financial predictions

    Everything You Need to Know About the Fiscal Cliff Plans, in Charts Matthew O'Brien Dec 5 2012, 3:20 PM ET If you're reading this, it's probably too late to save yourself. We're already over the fiscal cliff plan cliff. That's a lot of cliffs, but it's not nearly as many cliffs as there...
  9. Decarow

    Price Is Right pregnancy suit

    'The Price is Right' model wins pregnancy discrimination suit - Good for her.
  10. meridian5455

    Dealer sells car for $5,600 less than actual price, has buyer arrested.

    Chevy dealer accidentally sells car for $5,600 less than asking price... and then has buyer ARRESTED for theft | Mail Online A Virginia man went to a Chevrolet dealership to buy a new SUV but ended up in jail when a sales representative sold him a vehicle for the wrong price, and then accused...
  11. Hairball

    Do you want the price of electricity to skyrocket?

    Yes or no?
  12. Ronin Tetsuro

    Sacrifice Zones: The Price Of Corporate Rule

    Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco: drawing America's invisible poor - audio slideshow | Books | Hedges: Capitalism's 'Sacrifice Zones' | Drudge Retort Would you like to know more? Chris Hedges on Capitalism I'm...
  13. meridian5455

    Why Wasn't Bob Barker Invited to The Price is Right's 40th Birthday Bash?

    Why Wasn't Bob Barker Invited to The Price is Right's 40th Birthday Bash? - Yahoo! TV The Price is Right has sucked ever since Bob left. Still, they should have at least invited him and not snubbed him like that.
  14. Cicero

    What price loyalty

    You work for an employer who precludes your having a second job as a condition of employment. This employer, basically, monitors your off duty time and regulates what you may do and with whom you may associate as a condition of employment. One day your employer comes to you and says that he...
  15. meridian5455

    Hybrid car owners cite price, technology in refusing to buy again

    Hybrid car owners cite price, technology in refusing to buy again | Fox News You can fool some of the people some of the time..........................
  16. boontito

    Haley Barbour's Price is Right: Granting You A Pardon... And A New Car!

    According to the documents compiled by the office of Mississippi's attorney general, the state's former first lady, Marsha Barbour, apparently called a car dealership regarding the purchase of two vehicles for two convicted murderers -- days before they were pardoned. The cars were later...
  17. michaelr

    Government-subsidized green light bulb carries costly price tag

    Government-subsidized green light bulb carries costly price tag $50 for an LED Bulb. Nice assholes. Hell the cost of making these things will be subsidized, real nice. The cost more than you think or are lead to believe they save. I said this before. The scum...err government does...
  18. the watchman

    Obama Mocks Fox News Gas Price Attacks.! I went with the title. But, I'm not sure I agree that he mocked the Fox News guy, like it's being reported by others. I also felt that, even tough it was a stupid question, the reporter was very respectful when he asked it...
  19. Roshi

    Democrats don't want to work on lowering the price of gas, they want you to pay more!

    Their goal is to make it so expensive that you're forced to buy one of their exploding GM products Chu: DOE working to wean U.S. off oil, not lower prices - Alex Guillen - This is from Chu, who previously stated “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to...
  20. The Man

    79 Kalashnikovs for the price of firewood. What a deal! :) Authorities in Udmurtia will now be checking firearm utilization plants in the republic, after a rural man purchased wooden container boxes for firewood, from a friend truck driver from the Izhmash plant, which the driver thought were empty. But, when...