1. conservative

    22.3% unemployment + 11.2% consumer price index = 33.5% misery index

    Why the Misery Index Is Higher Than the Feds By Eric Fry 06/21/11 Laguna Beach, California – The Dow Jones Industrial Average continues its hiatus from doom and gloom yesterday – up more than 100 points so far today on what would be its fourth consecutive winning session. A four-day winning...
  2. USA-1

    Price gouging?

    General Mills Inc.'s fiscal-fourth-quarter earnings rose 51% as the food company benefited from price increases. For the quarter ended May 29, General Mills reported a profit of $320.2 million, or 48 cents a share, up from $211.9 million. General Mills Profit Climbs 51% - How soon...
  3. michaelr

    Global Economic Rebound Weakens on Quake, Oil Price, European Debt Crisis

    Global Economic Rebound Weakens on Quake, Oil Price, European Debt Crisis Globalism has been an ugly experiment that failed in every aspect. QE programs provided even a larger rate of failure. It is was time a few years ago to get back to the basics, but as it is, we are all going...
  4. justonemorevoice

    gas price check

    how much is gas where you live? its 2.69 here.
  5. M

    Will Saudi Arabia Raise the price of Oil due to the Wiki-Leaks Release

    Will The Saudi's now raise the price of Oil due to the release by Wiki-leaks? Due to the King of Saudi Arabia being put on the Front of The Washington Post him and other foreign leaders, all in Washington are talking about foreign policy will be more stiff with their negotiations with us. Any...
  6. Granite

    PETA protests the wrong group...pays the price

  7. michaelr

    Home Price Confusion Redux

    Home Price Confusion Redux Hell this is simple, INFLATION not demand!!!!
  8. Granite

    Mexican Drug Cartel Allegedly Puts a Price on Arizona Sheriff's Head

    So. What do y'all think about this? Do you say to Arpaio "too bad, to be you"? Or do you want the federal government to spend billions to hunt down these drug runners? Or should we just ignore the whole thing?
  9. M

    Women are paying the price for ''progress''

    Quote from Syria bans full Islamic face veils at universities - The Globe and Mail It seems to me that Syria is more concerned with economics than morality. I hate those face veils, but the sensibilities of Womens Rights Advocates do not seem to be what is prompting this new 'ban the...
  10. B

    Picasso work fetches record price

    Pablo Picasso's Nude, Green Leaves and Bust sells for a record-breaking $106m at an auction in New York. More...
  11. michaelr

    Home price dip extends to 4th month

    Home price dip extends to 4th month The credits are part of the problem, you cant did your way out whilst the fucking government continues to spend like a drunken sailor. The extreme unemployment should be a clue. People stop making excuses, there are none!
  12. justoneman

    Obama price control

    This was listed as a developing story on Drudge Report: Obama will propose giving feds NEW POWER to block 'excessive rate increases' by health insurance companies.. This is exactly what they did in the former Soviet Union.
  13. michaelr

    The price of U.S. recession is paid in jobs

    The price of U.S. recession is paid in jobs Well MainScumMedia gets it right for a change. Notice in the article that it took 3 years before employment came close to pre 2001 levels. Well this time it will never become close again, there is simply no manufacturing or jobs to be had. College...
  14. M

    Palin’s Office Will Release Potentially Damaging Emails—For A Price

    Palin’s Office Will Release Potentially Damaging Emails—For A Price Can you say, BLACKMAIL??? Just another criminal!
  15. M

    Biofuels behind food price hikes: leaked World Bank report

    Here........... Gee really, who would of thought. Time to make them stop folks, our reserves are drying up, food is getting more costly than what it should be worth, farms are closing. Enough is enough.
  16. N

    Vouchers with a price cap on schools and other private schooling ideas.

    Any source will tell you that on average public schools cost more then the average private school, and the average private schools also has higher performace. The first link google for instance. What Would A School Voucher Buy The Real Cost Of Private Schools "In fact, Education Department...
  17. M

    Is there an oil price a bubble?

    The Oil-Price Bubble - Frank Shostak - Mises Institute
  18. M

    Is oil price a bubble?

    Oops...Double post.
  19. L

    April Home Price Drop Biggest on Record

    OUCH!!! Guess we haven't found the bottom yet: Home Prices Fall 15.3% This Year -
  20. D

    Blame central banks, not speculators for oil price

    Blame central banks, not speculators for oil price It's not an issue of speculators nor even much of an issue of oil supply and demand. It's INFLATION, dammit. (By the way, the "Austrians" in that article refer to the actual country of Austria, not the Austrian school of economics)