1. DemoWhip

    What to know about the privacy of your DNA in wake of 'Golden State Killer' suspect's

    What to know about the privacy of your DNA in wake of 'Golden State Killer' suspect's arrest By Emily Shapiro ==================================================== Yes, privacy is something definitely to be concerned about. One needs to know exactly HOW their DNA is going to be used...
  2. DemoWhip

    Zuckerberg faces congressional grilling over Facebook user privacy, 2016 election

    Zuckerberg faces congressional grilling over Facebook user privacy, 2016 election By Lucien Bruggeman ==================================================== Zuckerberg is now being questioned before the Senate Congressional Committee. NBC News is carrying the inquiry now LIVE.
  3. bajisima

    People would have to pay if they want privacy on Facebook

    In an interview with NBC’s Today show, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said that users who wished to entirely stop the social media platform from making money from their personal data would have to pay for the privilege, if the option were to be made available. “Could you come up with a tool...
  4. Dittohead not!

    Canada Quietly Plants Privacy Hedge Along Entire U.S. Border.

    Concerned, But Not Wanting To Offend, Canada Quietly Plants Privacy Hedge Along Entire U.S. Border. The hedge fund managers will take care of it.
  5. KnotaFrayed

    How Trump and company works......If it were not for hiding behind privacy laws.....

    Likely America would find out A LOT more! And people trust this guy? "Trump Lawyer Used Private Company, Pseudonyms to Pay Porn Star ‘Stormy Daniels’ Michael Cohen created limited liability company just before $130,000 payment"...
  6. bajisima

    US Supreme Court weighs digital privacy case

    This is going to be a big deal as to how they decide on this... The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday takes up a major test of privacy rights in the digital age as it weighs whether police must obtain warrants to get data on the past locations of criminal suspects using cellphone data from...
  7. Friday13

    Chelsea and Ivanka defend Malia's right to privacy

    A little shred of good news... Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump defend Malia Obama's right to privacy
  8. DemoWhip

    Congress rolls back rules on hunting, broadband privacy

    The undoing of these regulations actually hurt Americans. There should not have been any reason to undo what was in place especially on broadband privacy that protects Americans. Now, anyone can obtain YOUR computer information and it is all meant to enrich companies that sell it as well as...
  9. jacobfitcher

    Congress just killed your Internet privacy protections

    The House of Representatives voted Tuesday to repeal Internet privacy protections that were approved by the Federal Communications Commission in the final days of the Obama administration. The Senate voted along party lines to undo the rules last week. The resolution now goes to Trump's desk...
  10. Friday13

    House pulls the plug on internet privacy rules

    House pulls the plug on internet privacy rules
  11. Blueneck

    Anyone paying attention to this?

    I was just watching speeches in the Senate about this. Markey's speech was awesome. The Senate could take the first step tonight to kill the FCC’s privacy rules
  12. Madeline

    Obama's Proposed Rule Invades Privacy, Repeals 2nd Amt & Punishes Innocent People IDC where you stand on the 2nd Amendment. This proposed rule will allow every cop in the country to access your private medical records, to a limited degree, as well as those of everyone with whom you cohabitate. People...
  13. bajisima

    Employers using privacy loophole to find out private information

    "In the US, it's illegal to ask employees to share their personal health information when it's unrelated to the job, with one important exception: employee wellness programs. A recent report from the Kaiser Family Foundation finds half of the country's large employers offering health benefits...
  14. texmaster

    A woman's open letter to Planet Fitness on safety and privacy for women

    Dear Planet Fitness,I went to your website today looking to cancel my membership, but it says I have to do it in writing. I hope this letter will satisfy that requirement. Now, because you need this written down like it’s a divorce filing, I thought I should tell you why our relationship isn’t...
  15. N

    Privacy in the "Information Age"

    There is a raging legal controversy over the right of privacy today that has sparked national uproar over the NSA telephony metadata collection program; which was made public by the unauthorized disclosures by Edward Snowden, who is now living in self-imposed exile in Russia. The legal...
  16. meridian5455

    White House, IRS won’t release docs they shared because of ‘privacy’

    Less than a week after ’fessing up that it found some 2,500 documents potentially showing that the IRS shared taxpayer returns with the White House, the Obama administration has reversed course and won’t release the trove to a group suing for access. In an abrupt decision, the Treasury inspector...
  17. Cicero

    This is just wrong: Privacy takes a hit in Massachusetts

    Massachusetts court says 'upskirt' photos are legal By Haimy Assefa, CNN updated 11:28 PM EST, Wed March 5, 2014 (CNN) -- Massachusetts' highest court ruled Wednesday that it is not illegal to secretly photograph underneath a person's clothing -- a practice known as "upskirting" --...
  18. C

    RFID and Your Privacy

    Maybe you haven’t heard about RFID. The acronym RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. The technology was first used by manufacturers to convey information to retailers and keep track of shipping and inventory on their products in the late 1990’s. Manufactures have embedded them in...
  19. meridian5455

    It's National Data Privacy day

    WASHINGTON, Jan. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --Today the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) is officially kicking off Data Privacy Day 2014, along with federal and private sector leaders. The theme for Data Privacy Day is Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data and Enabling Trust and will be echoed...
  20. michaelr

    NSA's mass phone data collection is illegal, says government privacy board

    NSA's mass phone data collection is illegal, says government privacy board It's a fucking weird day when the liberals stand up FOR fascism, but they do. They think Obama....I don't believe they think this, but it is a handy dandy excuse....will protect them from the same AQ that he supports...