1. J

    Privatizing Social Security

    “Politics is the art of postponing decisions until they are no longer relevant.” After three years of researching Social Security, I have finally reached the conclusion that privatizing any or all parts of Social Security will not improve the financial prospects of the system as promised by...
  2. C

    Privatizing police

    Seems like fantasy and made up stuff is becoming more popular on this board. I have no objection and I began to wonder just what life would be like in our brave new world of private police and security. Something like this maybe? (hey it is no worse than the birthers made up stuff)...
  3. Bassman

    Privatizing Transit

    Randal O'Toole Discusses Privatizing Transit | Cato Video | Cato Institute Just a thought and a little historical background here. In Buffalo, the public transportation was handled by the old International Railway Corp. (IRC) which controlled the streetcars and the buses until shortly after...
  4. Roshi

    As Obama pushes new regulations, UK eyes privatizing its health care

    UK Health Care | Privatization | Obamacare | The Daily Caller [/FONT][/COLOR] British Minister Seeking to Reform Nationalized Healthcare Ambushed by ‘Left-Wing’ Activists | Video | And reality is now taking effect
  5. nonsqtr

    privatizing the Constitution

    Check this out people - this company here, this is called American Police Force. Sounds like a competitor of Blackwater (or Xe), maybe? WRONG! Look here: HERE is the American Police Force in training: Note the Serbian crest on the left side of...
  6. M

    Cities Debate Privatizing Public Infrastructure

    I had to register for this and I will not make you, so I will past the entire article....
  7. R

    Privatizing social security is risky?

    "Contribute $300 a month to Social Security and you may get $1,800 a month when you retire. Sound like a good deal? There was a story about Dick Gephardt's mother living on Social Security and having numerous checks she had written returned for insufficient funds. Gephardt politicized the event...