1. KnotaFrayed

    What America is experiencing is a probing of whether freedom of the press....

    .....can predominate over propaganda...... With or without any sort of coordination or "collusion", the President of the United States, by his constant referrals to any media that criticizes him as being "fake" and "the enemies of the (his) American people", is a serious attack upon one of the...
  2. excalibur

    Feds probing how Stormy lawyer got Cohen’s banking info

    Indeed. Felonies afoot.
  3. jacobfitcher

    Feds probing Fox News Channel for not disclosing sex harassment payouts

    Feds probing Fox News Channel for not disclosing sex harassment payouts, attorney for Ailes accuser says The feds are conducting an “ongoing criminal investigation” of Fox News Channel and whether Rupert Murdoch’s company hid from investors the payments it made to employees who alleged they...
  4. Crusher

    FIVE separate FBI cases are probing virtually every one of Clinton's inner circle

    Scale of FBI investigations into Clinton's closest aides and friends is becoming clear Besides Huma Abedin, a swathe of long-time loyalists are at the center of investigations including Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe John Podesta ran the Clinton Foundation which is under investigation...
  5. the watchman

    GOP chair probes if Cruz unveiled classified info during debate

    A key Senate Republican is looking into if Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) discussed classified information during Tuesday night's Republican presidential debate. "I'm having my staff look at the transcripts of the debate right now," Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), the chairman of the Intelligence...
  6. BoiseBo

    Poor Coochie: Purging, Probing and Plundering no workie in Virginia

    Republicans could have gone with their moderate candidate and probably beat a flawed one in McAuliffe. But the TPs anointed a complete dope who was far too radical for the state. How many times have we seen this? --- Christine I'm Not a Witch O'Donnell, Joe "Secede!!" Miller, Sarah "Don't...
  7. F

    N.Y. Police Probing Serial Killer Find Phone, Jeans

    Police investigating a suspected serial murder on New York's Long Island say they have found a purse, cellphone and jeans belonging to a missing New Jersey prostitut Read more: N.Y. Police Probing Serial Killer Find Phone, Jeans | Fox News They haven't caught this person yet...
  8. michaelr

    ICE probing spike in dollar index futures

    ICE probing spike in dollar index futures Someone, I think we know who, is manipulating the dollar market. There is absolutely no reason for a 9% increase. This should be easy to track and someone is going to prison, me thinks I know who.
  9. V

    More Blackwater anal probing.

    The plot thickens with Blackwater. Now that I think of it, and I'll jump the gun on this one, BW is the perfect cover for a weapons ring into the ME. It's far-fetched, but it's a possibility. I mean, what are they doing without permits for their weapons and technical gear? Who knows. Thoughts?