1. Babba

    Trump Has Now Broken Every One of His Economic Populist Promises

    And his supporters just shrug and continue screaming MAGA! Unfuckingbelievable. He promised to have the government negotiate with drug companies but his new Medicare prescription drug plan does nothing of the sort. Now there will be no infrastructure bill. He ran to the left of Hillary on...
  2. BigLeRoy

    The Failed Economic Promises Of Donald Trump

    When he was on the campaign trail, Donald Trump certainly made a lot of outlandish economic promises to the American people. Well, here is his REPORT CARD. I will not focus on what I think were his more minor promises, such as his silly promise to revive the coal industry and bring back...
  3. DebateDrone

    US Farm Bill Coming. Trump Plans Cuts to SNAP & Promises Billions in Aid to Farmers.

    Agriculture & Nutrition Act of 2018. Trump proposes $193B in SNAP cuts President Trump proposed cutting $193 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program over the next decade, according to the...
  4. Puzzling Evidence

    Homeless, assaulted, broke: drivers left behind as Uber promises change at the top.

    Casmir Patterson, 32, found early on in her Uber-driving career that she preferred to work late nights, when the LA traffic was more tolerable and when she could provide rides to women looking for a safe way to get home. But on 13 June 2016, during her last ride of the night, three intoxicated...
  5. DemoWhip

    Sheriff promises Florida vigil attendees: Politicians 'will not get re-elected' if gu

    Sheriff promises Florida vigil attendees: Politicians 'will not get re-elected' if gun laws don't change By JULIA JACOBO ==================================================== Now there's a great public servant who obviously knows that LIVES MATTER over guns. If there had not been any...
  6. HayJenn

    Kelly told Dems Trump's promises were 'uninformed'

    White House chief of staff John Kelly reportedly told a group of Democratic lawmakers that some of President Trump’s campaign promises on immigration, including building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, are “uninformed.” The Washington Post reported Wednesday that Kelly also told the...
  7. reedak

    North Korea promises to punish China and Russia

    1. The following are excerpts from a Reuters news report, by Ben Blanchard in Beijing and Hyonhee Shin in Seoul on December 24, 2017, under the headline "North Korea says new U.N. sanctions an act of war" at...
  8. The Man

    Duterte promises to buy arms from Russia We'll buy arms from Russia, Philippines' Duterte tells Putin
  9. T

    Zinke says a third of Interior’s staff is disloyal to Trump and promises ‘huge’ chang

    #Sad! Apparently loyalty to the flag is a requirement at the Department of the Interior, whatever the fuck that means. Odd, because I would have thought loyalty to the interior would be the main concern. But fear not! In a speech to the oil industry, Ryan Zinke says a purge is coming! The...
  10. ptif219

    Obama's promises for presidential center may not be enough this time for African-Amer

    It appears the people are starting to see Obama for the liar he has been and still is Obama's promises for presidential center may not be enough this time for African-Americans - Chicago Tribune
  11. T

    Trump promises intense effort on opioids

    Remember when the president assigned his son in law the daunting task of tackling the opioid epidemic in this country? Yeah, well, I guess the Kush got busy. Yesterday the president addressed the problem, by stating, unequivocally, he was going it enforce the law. Yeah, not sure that is a...
  12. DemoWhip

    North Korea promises 'thousands-fold' revenge against US over sanctions

    Watch out! Kim Jong-Un is angry! He is far from pleased due to the sanctions placed upon him. He's one to keep a very close eye on and assure that we know what he is planning as best we can and always stay one step ahead of him. His youth and inexperience makes for a very nasty combination when...
  13. M

    Trump says Apple promises 3 U.S. plants

    "Apple Inc. has committed to build three "big" manufacturing plants in the US, a move that would represent a major change in strategy for the worlds most valuable company and boost the White House's long held promise to return overseas factory jobs to America." The Trump haters will no...
  14. Spookycolt

    Trump has set the benchmark for future presidents and campaign promises

    You will never hear the left say anything but what a failure Trump has been but when you see the promises he made and how he has kept them or is making progress on them there is no doubt that he has set an example that all future presidents will be held up to. And he did this while...
  15. DemoWhip

    'Dynasty’ reboot promises lots of catfights, hair-pulling, and very steamy gay sex

    Judging from many reviews "Dynasty" was a wildly popular tv series whom many enjoyed watching. It is back again but with a more modern twist. The former characters were great but these new ones should prove to be equally good! Can't wait to see it...
  16. T

    Trump promises border wall still coming at NRA summit

    Breaking news! Trump is going to build a wall on the southern border! I know this because he just said so. Indeed, after months of saying he will build a wall, and no money to build it from anywhere, Trump once again, once again claims he will build that wall. Really. This time he means...
  17. DemoWhip

    What's in the Trump tax plan that promises 'massive' cuts

    Of course there's massive tax cuts...for the RICH! But did the American people really expect anything different from Trump? Like good tax cuts to benefit the Middle Class and the poor? It all benefits the wealthy with a Republican in office so it's just more of the same...
  18. GordonGecko

    Gallup- Only 45% think Trump keeps his promises, only 36% think he's honest-

    Poll: Majority no longer thinks Trump keeps his promises | TheHill All together.... "FAKE POLLS!!!!!" :)
  19. T

    White House promises not to repeat claims Britain spied on Trump, UK says

    Spicer. Man, that dude is something else. When has a White House press secretary ever been so entertaining? In defense of Trump's bullshit claim about Obama spying on him, Spicer, rather than just admitting it is made up crap, cites a source. Judge Napolitano, putting forth the new claim that...
  20. Amelia

    Promises shomises

    Trump's Backing a Healthcare Plan That Breaks His Promises - NBC News