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    "Wave of Hate”? More Propaganda From La Raza

    “Wave of Hate”? More Propaganda From The Treason Lobbyists At La Raza By Joe Guzzardi In its latest assault on our sensibilities, the National Council of La Raza (i.e., “The Race”) alleges that the...
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    Still a Fool - NY Times swallowing Terrorist Propaganda

    Still a Fool - by James Taranto WSJ Here's a fascinating story from today's New York Times: For more than a year, the leader of one the most notorious insurgent groups in Iraq was said to be a mysterious Iraqi called Abu Omar al-Baghdadi. As the titular head of the Islamic State in Iraq, Mr...
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    Olbermann - The Politics of Progress: Lieberman's Mccain style Propaganda

    The politics of progress May 31: As Sen. Joe Lieberman touted signs of progress in Iraq, Fort Lewis announced it can no longer hold individual services for troops because there are too many. Alison Stewart talks with Jon Soltz of WATCH VIDEO
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    CNN Anti-Chavez Propaganda Revealed

    CNN shows Hugo Chávez next to Al Qaeda leader: Venezuelan Government Accuses CNN and Globovisión of Inciting Violence CNN En Español uses footage of protest in Mexico claiming that it was an anti-Chavez protest in Venezuela: Venezuelan Government Accuses CNN and Globovisión of Inciting...
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    US Propaganda is obvious ... and horrible.

    So I found this CBS footage from 1994 about South Africa's free elections and they are talking about Zimbabwe as being some...great transition from white to black rule... The truth is much different. After a number of problems in 2002-2003 Britain evacuated 20,000 whites from Zimbabwe and...
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    The US Conducted A Propaganda Campaign To Magnify Zarqawi's Role

    How long did the media report what US officials said about Zarqawi's role in Iraq? How come I knew it was propaganda from the beginning and they didnt? Military Plays Up Role of Zarqawi Jordanian Painted As Foreign Threat To Iraq's Stability By Thomas E. Ricks Washington Post Staff Writer...
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    Jay Mick: Pillar of Truth; Mind-control: Goverment using Propaganda on USA Citizens

    Hello, my name is Jay Mick. I am an underground revolutionist and rouge solder of privacy. I have personally cracked a code with-in the Google web browser. Reading code is a skill that very few people could understand. The ability to read code does not necessarily have anything to do with...
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    Is 24 Propaganda?

    Is 24 Propaganda? Is The Pope Catholic? Talking heads omit fact that U.S. government, Neo-Con ideologues met with cast members to run PR for war on terror Prison Planet | January 17, 2007 Paul Joseph Watson To coincide with the start of a new season of Fox's much vaunted 24 program, MSNBC...
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    BS liberal propaganda

    Even I can recognize shit when I see shit... the article below should never have even been written. To write an article on specualtion is pure BS. The New York Times has taken the unusual step of publishing an op-ed in which parts of the contents have been "redacted" or blacked out by...
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    Propaganda Swallowing Idiots

    It really amazes me that after six years of Bush and a conservative majority in congress this country finds itself seen by the rest of the world as arrogant, we are in a war that the brightest minds say is unwinable, our enemies are growing at an astronomical rate (much faster than we can kill...
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    Propaganda and public relations has never been more prevalent. How public relations has overtaken journalism, causing journalism to become more and more watered down. How the political economy of the media is now being hugely influenced by being based in a monopoly economy. A few now control...
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    Anti-Israeli Propaganda

    The anti-Semitic/anti-Israel propaganda out there has become absolutiely insane. I came across an article exposing some of the propaganda Seems like a fledgling organization but the guy really knows his history.
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    How to avoid falling for propaganda:

    Take a look at what the person is saying, rather than what they are doing. If they say that something is a moral evil, or that something is 'wild and repulsive' they actually back up those words with actions? For instance, a pope that says that permiscuity is wrong, and does not try to...
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    Hitler-like Propaganda

    I truly cannot believe this......
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    More Death Cult Propaganda Thursday, August 10, 2006 This AP photograph from Gaza, published yesterday, claims to show a little Palestinian girl killed by an Israeli airstrike being carried into a hospital, surrounded by armed men...
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    Propaganda ALERT!

    Okay, the "Jews must wear badges" story cratered, let's try the poor suffering Iranian prisoner ploy!,,2089-2189887,00.html