1. Æthelfrith

    Insanely Concentrated Wealth Is Strangling Our Prosperity

    In 1976 the richest people had $35 million each (in 2014 dollars). In 2014 they had $420 million each — a twelvefold increase. You can be sure it’s gotten even more extreme since then. These people could spend $20 million every year and they’d still just keep getting richer, forever, even if...
  2. MaryAnne

    Prosperity Religion

    Give me money, God will make you rich!
  3. Macduff

    Conservative Christians pan 'prosperity gospel' Trump inaugural preacher

    Conservative Christians pan 'prosperity gospel' Trump inaugural preacher | Washington Examiner Good. They should hold Trump accountable for bad decisions.
  4. ProgressivePatriot

    What Price Peace and Prosperity for All...........

    Scenario: We are contacted by an alien life form-far more wise and advanced than we- and offered the chance to achieve universal peace and prosperity, if we agree to a few conditions. This is not in the form of a threat. If we decline, they will go on their way and we will be left as we are and...
  5. ptif219

    Cruz outshines Bush at Americans for Prosperity summit

    The media does not want Cruz which means he would make a good president and turn this country around My Way News - Cruz outshines Bush at Americans for Prosperity summit
  6. BDBoop

    What are Republicans proposing to ensure middle class prosperity?

    Good question from HenryPorter - anybody know?
  7. J

    China built its entire economic prosperity on TRADE BARRIERS.

    The free traitors want us to believe that it's okay for China to do this but not America. Because, you know, China's government should have more rights and latitude than America's. Because they're the mighty and righteous China and not us filthy Americans. Yeah...
  8. BDBoop

    Prosperity grows from the middle out

    Please use critical thinking skills to explain to me why you disagree with him. And please don't start singing about communism and robbing the rich. Think of me as an Eisenhower Republican, and explain why Eisenhower was wrong as well.
  9. S

    Tried And true methods for creating prosperity.

    States at Work: Progressive State Policies to Rebuild the Middle Class | Center for American Progress Action Fund Basically, the paper tlks about known wys the economy can recover. The political problem is tht conservatives are blocking recovery for both ideological resins, and as a way to...
  10. Rasselas

    The Hidden Prosperity of the Poor

    One thing that gets me about the poor, outnumbered conservatives on this board is that they rarely make the best arguments for their positions. They rarely move beyond the simplistic answers mandated by their ideology. In this way, they remind me of the many Marxists (real, Marxists, the kind...
  11. NonPartisanCapitalist

    Environ-MENTAL-ists, should we sacrifice economic prosperity for a "greener" planet?

    Look. Volcanic eruptions, solar flares, asteroids, etc. are things that no environmentalist will ever control no matter how much prosperity they want to take away from the economy, in order to make a slightly "greener" planet. Environmentalists have made it so that for instance, freon, is...
  12. HenryPorter

    Where is the Prosperity?

    We've had more than 8 years of Republican tax cuts. Taxes are lower than they have been in over 50 years now. Throughout the last Bush Administration very few jobs were created by the private sector, I don't know this as fact but, I'd wager a guess that Bush created more government jobs with...
  13. aboutenough

    Are we headed toward Prosperity by borrowing money to improve our economy?

    I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle. -- Winston Churchill If this saying is true or untrue, What do you suggest doing to improve our economy?
  14. M

    RCMP, U.S. Army block public forum on the Security and Prosperity Partnership

    MEDIA RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 11, 2007 RCMP, U.S. Army block public forum on the Security and Prosperity Partnership The Council of Canadians has been told it will not be allowed to rent a municipal community centre for a public forum it had planned to coincide with the next Security...
  15. F

    Peace and prosperity

    Clinton Record Moved from record deficits to record $236 billion surplus Clinton foreign policy Worked with UN, NATO and/or allies to bring peace to Kosovo, Bosnia, Northern Ireland, East Timor, promoted Middle East peace process, nuclear threat through Framework Agreement and saved...