1. 5 stringer

    NRA mocks David Hog for protesting with armed security

    You can't make this stuff up. The left loves to call conservatives "hypocrites", but this is just too funny.
  2. HayJenn

    NFL freezes policy barring players from protesting

    The National Football League announced Thursday that it will freeze its new policy requiring players to remain standing during the national anthem. The NFL said in a statement that it has been “working on a resolution to the anthem issue” with the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), one week...
  3. Macduff

    Restaurant shocks vegans protesting meat Not all heroes wear capes.
  4. TNVolunteer73

    How did Trump do it. Dreamers Cheering him and Protesting Schumer.

    The art of the deal.
  5. Bronwyn

    Did the Raiders throw a Game because of protesting the National Anthem? Interesting. So now we're watching black players throw games in some sort of temper tantrum.
  6. the watchman

    Some forcibly arrested in St. Louis weren't protesting .

    The undercover officer was mistaken for a suspect who was carrying chemicals that could be sprayed on officers. When the man refused to show his hands, he was knocked down and hit several times, with his hands tied behind his back and his mouth bloodied, the Post-Dispatch reported . On Friday...
  7. the watchman

    Republican lawmakers introduce bills to curb protesting in at least 18 states.

    Since the election of President Trump, Republican lawmakers in at least 18 states have introduced or voted on legislation to curb mass protests in what civil liberties experts are calling “an attack on protest rights throughout the states.” From Virginia to Washington state, legislators have...
  8. jacobfitcher

    Wheelchair users dragged away from McConnell’s office for protesting health care bill

    Activists in wheelchairs protesting the Senate’s newly-released health care bill were arrested and dragged from outside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office on Thursday. The incident occurred after about 60 members of ADAPT, a U.S. disability rights organization with fierce...
  9. libertariat720

    Protesters Protesting... Something Bad I Assume... Set a Policeman on Fire.

    Well, this is lovely. As they throw "petrol bombs" at policemen... Police officer set on fire with petrol bomb during riots in Paris | Metro News
  10. Madeline

    Is It Constitutional To Expel Students For Protesting?

    Republicans Want to Punish Disruptive Student Protesters | The ACLU is working with the Goldwater Institute to develop constitutionally viable laws to prohibit protests on campus, if they shut down an invited speaker? That's not something you see every day. I have some sympathy...
  11. G

    Spokesman says Trump believes 'a lot' of marchers weren't protesting him

    One day after President Trump jeered Women's March demonstrators on Twitter — writing, "Why didn't these people vote?" — his top spokesman said Monday that Trump also thinks many of those at the rallies around the world were not protesting him. Spokesman says Trump believes 'a...
  12. the watchman

    Police arrest NAACP members protesting in Sessions's office.

    Police arrest NAACP members protesting in Sessions's office Several NAACP protesters were arrested Tuesday at the Mobile, Ala., office of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), where they had been staging a sit-in to protest his selection as President-elect Donald Trump's attorney general. Six people...
  13. cpicturetaker12

    While 'Indians' were protesting, just down the road: 176K gals of crude leaked

    Ironic huh! These people were saying it's GOING TO HAPPEN. It likely did concurrently--while cameras and teepees were parked a little too far away to see it. Eh, who gives a shit right?? Afterall it's only 176,000 gals fouling water in North Dakota. Afterall some country club type needs to...
  14. D

    At Least 16 Arrested at NC Legislature Protesting GOP-Led Bills to Limit Democratic G

    Indeed it is a Great SHAME for the Republican-led legislature in North Carolina to try to remove powers from the newly elected Democratic Governor! That is not only despicable but utterly outrageous! And all because he won over the present Republican governor. But the people have SPOKEN, they...
  15. BigLeRoy

    What If NO ONE Was Protesting Donald Trump?

    Seriously, folks: What if NO ONE was out there protesting the meteoric ascent to power of Donald J. Trump? What would that say about America? What would it make you THINK about America? Because it would terrify me. It would be an utterly creepy America if all Americans were just quietly...
  16. excalibur

    This is what BLM is protesting

    Naturally the MSM goes along with it.
  17. L

    Native Americans Protesting Pipeline Attacked By “Goon Squad” Using Dogs And Pepper S

    1, September 4, 2016 By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor In a shameful and terrible scene reminiscent of police attacks against civil rights advocates and union busting of the 1920’s, the Dakota Access pipeline company dispatched its “goon squad” which unleashed attack dogs and pepper...
  18. Capitalist

    Steven Crowder schools UMass protesting liberals on free speech

    This guy is seriously the underrated George Carlin of the conservatives. Like so many entitled spoiled brats (Hmph! And they're liberal again!) they thought they could commandeer the discussion and shout down Crowder and company before the jokes even began. So he pitches his jokes and just...
  19. knight

    Klan bastards protesting at Stone Mountain

    When I first heard this was planned, I thought "oh yeah...nothing bad will come of this...NOT!" I was right, of course. The Klan and its supporters are idiots. They prove this everyday. Its only many will die before this is over? Police in riot gear...rednecks acting stupid...this...
  20. lka

    Man Who Rushed Trump Named Thomas Dimassimo, has a History of Protesting

    Learn more, JUST IN: We Now Know WHO the man is that Attacked Reveals Everything Another peaceful Bernie supporter/professor protester. Any self described liberal/socialist/communist should be ashamed at this mans tactics. Imagine the outrage if a RWNJ jumped at obummer like that...