1. Macduff

    MIT scientists created a "psychopath" AI by feeding it violent content from Reddit

    MIT scientists created a "psychopath" AI by feeding it violent content from Reddit So pretty much how human psychopaths are created.
  2. kmiller1610

    Who's Zooming Who?

    This work of imagination and speculation is my attempt at projecting the truth of the current political state of affairs in the US (as it relates to the current investigations into collusion and sedition). Our story begins with Trump's second run for the Presidency. The well established lines...
  3. Robert Urbanek

    Strange line in Gene Wilder film

    As we reminisce about Gene Wilder, I checked out a trailer for one of his films, “Silver Streak,” and found a strange piece of dialogue. Framed for murder, Wilder, with the help of Richard Pryor, dons black face to escape detection at a train station. Pryor is embarrassed as Wilder mimics...
  4. the watchman

    Ben Carson calls Obama a 'psychopath'.

    Ben Carson calls Obama a 'psychopath' By Eric Bradner, CNN Updated 5:33 PM ET, Wed March 25, 2015 Washington (CNN)Ben Carson says President Barack Obama is a psychopath. His comment came in an exchange between the neurosurgeon who's likely to mount a bid for the 2016 Republican presidential...
  5. Blueneck

    One in Ten Wall Street Employees Is A Psychopath

    I'm really not surprised by this one bit. One Out Of Every Ten Wall Street Employees Is A Psychopath, Say Researchers
  6. meridian5455

    How to Spot a Psychopath

    How To Spot A Psychopath: Look For Speech Patterns, Scientists Say | Fox News
  7. J

    Is bush a psychopath

    is bush a psychopath we hear a lot about why saddam is a psychopth ie allowing the killing of 1000s but when bush was govenor of texas he allowed 100s to be exicuted and now he has allowed 650,000 iraqies to die due to his war-i dont think even saddam has that many deaths on his hands oh dont...