1. bajisima

    NYC mayor's bodyguard has Post reporter removed for asking a question

    Seems its spreading. Interesting to see Brian Stelter of CNN, ask to see if its fair. Mayor Bill de Blasio is a such a big believer in the free press that he let two bodyguards physically remove a credentialed Post reporter who had the temerity to ask him a question in public on Sunday...
  2. N

    Key part of Helsinki transcript disappears.

    That's right. The written transcript from the news conference in Helsinki has been purposely omitted, vanished, gone! Poof! And not only from the written transcript but believe it or not from the official VIDEO as well! It, the question asked of Putin of whether he directed his peeps to help...
  3. the watchman

    a question about security clerances.

    so trump has set off another firestorm. This time with an announcement that he's looking into revoking the security clearances of former intelligence officials because they've made comments that he doesn't like. The media is reporting it as a distraction. Mostly, because they'd like to focus...
  4. RNG

    Comey has a question

    Homework and a test question. Great point, isn't it.
  5. Rasselas

    Legal Question Regarding FISA Court Application

    At this point, it looks like Trey Gowdy is the only member of congress who has seen the entire FISA court application for a warrant to examine the communication of Carter Page because the FBI suspected him of being a Russian asset. His criticism is that the source of funding for the Steele...
  6. the watchman

    Senate Unanimously Approves NBR Warning Trump not to let Russia Question Diplomats

    The Senate on Thursday unanimously approved a resolution warning President Trump not to let the Russian government question diplomats and other officials, shortly after the White House released a statement backpedaling on a proposal to allow Moscow to help interrogate U.S. citizens such as...
  7. Mister B

    White House says Trump to discuss allowing Russia to question US citizens

    But more than willing to let Putin question a former Ambassador to Russia. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Wednesday that President Trump will discuss allowing...
  8. Chief

    Ask Putin a question.

    Anyone who has a question for Putin, please ask it here. The next person will channel his or her inner Putin and answer. My question: Any new topless pics coming out in the near future, and if so what will you be riding? Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  9. the watchman

    Sarah Sanders: CNN Reporter 'disrespected' Trump by Trying to Ask Him a Question.

    hite House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has suggested an interview between national security adviser John Bolton and CNN was canceled because of the network’s “bad behavior” at a UK press conference. Huckabee Sanders claimed that a CNN reporter “disrespected” President Donald Trump...
  10. Crusher

    Reporter Asks Loaded Negative Question of Trump at G7 - Trump exposes CNN Fake News Text (Loaded Question by CNN "Journalist"): As you were heading into these G-7 talks, there was a sense that America’s closest allies were frustrated with you and angry with you and you were angry with them and that you were leaving here early to...
  11. reedak

    Democracy calls into question after Trump election

    1. According to Roger Scruton, a writer and philosopher: "Democracy is championed as a universal good by the West, but we over-estimate its power to guarantee personal and political freedom." Despite being "the best innovator in the world" as claimed by Peter Kent Navarro, America seems to...
  12. cpicturetaker12

    Question? Are political boards "social nedia"?

    Like this one or any others. I'm not sure what the scope of the phrase is? Whoops! Too late to change I guess everyone knows I meant MEDIA. (I have a typing impediment).
  13. Djinn

    Music service question

    Is there a website that allows me to specify a song by a particular artist, and have it display all of the "categories" into which that track falls? You know "minor key," "female singer," "fast tempo," music style, release dates, instruments used, ... all of the things that a service like...
  14. Slartibartfast

    Question for the anti-Trump establishment

    Trump has been in a little while now, so tell me -: "What have you personally lost?" DO NOT SAY, other countries are laughing at us. That's BS of the highest order. So what have you lost? Any anti-Trumps want to say what they've gained; wages, job etc..
  15. DemoWhip

    18 attorneys general and 6 cities file lawsuit over census citizenship question By Aa

    18 attorneys general and 6 cities file lawsuit over census citizenship question By Aaron Katersky ==================================================== There can be little doubt that if that question is included in the 2020 census the census will unfortunately turn out to be the most...
  16. Goofball

    Nothing wrong with a census question about citizenship.

    It is obvious why the left is upset about this. Politics.
  17. L

    FACT CHECK: Has Citizenship Been A Standard Census Question?

    March 27, 2018 8:02 PM ET Tamara Keith After a controversial decision by the Department of Commerce to add a question about U.S. citizenship to the 2020 census, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended the move as nothing out of the ordinary. The claim "This is a...
  18. bajisima

    US to add citizenship question to 2020 census

    Constitutional or not? A question about citizenship status will be reinstated on the 2020 Census to help enforce the Voting Rights Act, federal officials said on Monday, amid concerns that the change will compromise the accuracy of the population count. Between 1820 and 1950, almost every...
  19. C

    Simple question.

    Do we live in a causal universe? That's it. Nothing too difficult. Just, do we live in a causal universe?
  20. Crusher

    Shooting Survivor: CNN Gave Me "Scripted Question" Denied Question About Armed Guard Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Colton Haab said he was approached by CNN to ask a question at Wednesday night's town hall...