1. Use Caution

    Sponge-filled syringe, XStat is a quicker way to treat gunshot wounds! Lunch Box must

    The XStat, a syringe-like device packed with tiny sponges, will allow Army medics to stop bleeding on gunshot wounds faster than current methods. The XStat looks like a syringe filled with pills, but the capsules it contains are actually tiny sponges that plug wounds and stop bleeding minutes...
  2. bajisima

    Main Street is deteriating at a quicker pace

    Main Streets are suffering all over the country as they wait on the fiscal cliff. How many businesses will we lose? Amid 'Fiscal Cliff' Stalemate, Main Street Deteriorates
  3. I

    Has "My space" dominated the globe quicker then democracy?

    What is society’s opinion on this?