1. Devil505

    Leslie Groves ran WWII's Manhattan Project and Mueller is running today's Russiagate

    Both equally secret and both determinative of our nation's future as a free country. Since we would have won the pacific war anyway I would argue that Mueller's secret work is more important. Remember Pearl Harbor and remember the theft and treason of Trump on November 8, 2016.
  2. L

    The restaurant industry ran a private poll on the minimum wage...

    Lisa Graves, Zaid Jilani April 17 2018, 7:39 p.m. ONE OF THE NATION’S most powerful anti-minimum wage lobbying groups tapped a long-time Republican pollster to survey the public about a range of issues impacting the industry. A significant chunk of the survey focused on attitudes toward...
  3. Darkman

    David Hogg defends LEO who ran away

    Quote: "Who wants to go down the barrel of an AR-15, even with a glock? And I know that's what these police officers are supposed to do, but they're people too." https://www.infowars.com/david-hogg-...l-of-an-ar-15/...
  4. Darkman

    More than 100 UN peacekeepers ran a child sex ring in Haiti. None were ever jailed

    More than 100 UN peacekeepers ran a child sex ring in Haiti. None were ever jailed “Imagine if the UN was going to the United States and raping children and bringing cholera,” said one lawyer in Haiti, where UN peacekeepers face hundreds of allegations of child sex crimes. An Associated...
  5. The Man

    US illegally ran weapons through Germany

    More: US sent weapons to Syria through Ramstein military base - report
  6. T

    Trump’s business sought deal on a Trump Tower in Moscow while he ran for president

    "I have had dealings over the years where I sold a house to a very wealthy Russian many years ago. I had the Miss Universe pageant — which I owned for quite a while — I had it in Moscow a long time ago. But other than that, I have nothing to do with Russia" What a shockingly untrue statement...
  7. HayJenn

    Trump sought deal on a new tower in Moscow while he ran for POTUS

    While Donald Trump was running for president in late 2015 and early 2016, his company was pursuing a plan to develop a massive Trump Tower in Moscow, according to several people familiar with the proposal and new records reviewed by Trump Organization lawyers. As part of the discussions, a...
  8. Singularity

    Local police: Venus Williams ran red light, fatally injured other driver

    I figure she's not going to serve any time for this, even if they get the gumption to charge her, and it will be one more indictment of the outsize influence celebrity has in criminal justice. Doesn't change that people who run red lights and cause accidents are the worst among criminals who...
  9. BAZINGA DrumpF

    GOP group ran ads thanking lawmakers for repealing ObamaCare after vote was canceled

    GOP group ran ads thanking lawmakers for repealing ObamaCare after vote was canceled BY BROOKE SEIPEL - 03/25/17 10:41 AM EDT A Republican super-PAC ran ads Friday thanking Republicans for repealing ObamaCare — hours after the vote was canceled. "Republicans are keeping their promise, with...
  10. The Man

    Illegal casino ran out of EMBASSY!

    lol Who else would be so brazen, but Russian mafia :D Apparently, back in January, Moscow police received a tip: an informant brought his handler cop an "invitation", supposedly to a special healing yoga course The snitch reported that this invitation was, in fact, to an illegal, underground...
  11. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Trump ran a campaign based on intelligence security? Or was it Shinigami in Abe view?

    Trump ran a campaign based on intelligence security. That’s not how he’s governing. “Hillary Clinton … sent classified information, even during her travels overseas, jeopardizing the national security of the American people by allowing her emails to be hacked by foreign intelligence...
  12. L

    Howard Stern Discusses His Friendship With Donald Trump, Why Trump Ran For Office

    Radio host Howard Stern discusses his long friendship with President Trump, Trump's political views and personality, and whether Trump is a narcissist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZUymflg8zY...
  13. the watchman

    Donald Trump's CIA deputy director pick is agent who ran notorious 'black site' .

    Donald Trump, who has spoken of his wish to reintroduce torture, has selected an intelligence agent who ran a notorious “black site” prison in Thailand to be deputy head of the Central Intelligence Agency. Gina Haspel, who served as an undercover agent for decades years, will be the number...
  14. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Robber pulled out a GUN in sex shop and lost to flying DILDOS and ran. HAHA

    This robber pulled out a gun and was met with a barrage of sex toys December 16, 2016 A robber didn't get what he expected after attempting to rob a sex store in San Bernardino, California. Workers behind the counter thought his gun was fake and angrily threw three Pocket pals, used for...
  15. Babba

    Russia Ran the Most Epic Ratfucking Operation in History

    Holy moly. Republicans have no scruples or morals. *spit* It turns out that Guccifer's 2.0 hacked documents were popping up all over the country. And they weren't random. They were aimed at the most competitive seats. And the Republican leadership were in on the whole thing. It does explain why...
  16. Babba

    HRC Ran a Tight Ship at State

    Something I've noticed about the reporting on the latest Hillary email dump is that reporters breathlessly report that people asked to meet with her and sometimes she did as though there is something nefarious or unusual in that. But what they don't make clear is that there is NO evidence that...
  17. MaryAnne

    I Ran The CIA

    Now, I am endorsing Hillary Clinton! http://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/05/opinion/campaign-stops/i-ran-the-cia-now-im-endorsing-hillary-clinton.html?emc=edit_ty_20160805&nl=opinion&nlid=75172882&_r=0
  18. Minotaur

    I Ran the C.I.A. Now I’m Endorsing Hillary Clinton

    The article is a little longer than I am showing and covers other elements so the link is provided below: "In sharp contrast to Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Trump has no experience on national security. Even more important, the character traits he has exhibited during the primary season suggest he...
  19. PACE

    Trump had a very different view of trade before he ran for president

    Donald Trump's Trade Views Changed When He Ran For President
  20. cpicturetaker12

    I ran Iraq in 2003! (Paul Bremer) "WASHINGTON" didn't prepare for the aftermath...

    So we haven't heard his name come up in a while, huh?? This was SUPPOSEDLY the guy who disbanded the Iraqi Army along with other dire and tragic decisions (Bush and Cheney had 'nothing' to do with it, you believe that don't you) making chaos inevitable. Guess he agrees with what the CHILICOT...