1. D

    Soaring bankruptcy rates signal a 'coming storm of broke elderly,' study finds

    Soaring bankruptcy rates signal a 'coming storm of broke elderly,' study finds By MAIA DAVIS ############################################################# Make good note that those are your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and others. With a Republican...
  2. bajisima

    Trump lays into the Fed about hiking interest rates

    In a stinging and historically rare criticism, President Donald Trump expressed frustration with the Federal Reserve and said the central bank could disrupt the economic recovery. Presidents rarely intercede when it comes to the Fed, which sets the benchmark interest rate that flows through...
  3. bajisima

    Childhood cancer rates highest in the northeast

    Childhood cancer rates are the highest in the Northeast and lowest in the South, a new government cancer map shows. Leukemia is more common in the western states, while rates of pediatric lymphoma and brain cancer are higher in the Northeast. “Variation in childhood cancer incidence might be...
  4. Dittohead not!

    US Fertility Rates Have Plummeted Into Uncharted Territory, And Nobody Knows Why

    US Fertility Rates Have Plummeted Into Uncharted Territory, And Nobody Knows Why Is this a problem to be solved, a blessing to be enjoyed, or somewhere in between? What do you think?
  5. T

    Trump personally pushed postmaster general to double rates on Amazon, other firms

    Vindictive. Petty. President. Our president took time out of his busy schedule on a personal quest. One that demonstrates his mean spirited jealousy and hatred for anyone who is actually t successful. He asked the Amazon and the like get big rate hikes. Though contractually bound, with rates...
  6. bajisima

    US rates surge and most money managers have never had this happen

    Interesting. We all need to readjust to higher interest rates. Interest rates are hitting multiyear highs at a time when most portfolio managers have never dealt with this phenomenon before. Most of them have never operated in a rising rates environment. The median tenure of an active...
  7. jacobfitcher

    At Current Rates Of Use World Could Run Out Of Thoughts And Prayers By 2019

    A worldwide shortage of thoughts and prayers may leave us with no choice but to actually do something by as early as January 2019, researchers are warning, after a recent study revealed the popular refrain is now fueling 93% of government inaction globally. And we are running out. Dr. Tim...
  8. bajisima

    Vaccine rates are up but so are refusals

    Interesting. Good and bad news? More U.S. kids are getting their full series of vaccines, but more and more parents are also refusing to immunize their children, new health insurance data shows. The No. 1 vaccine refusal hotspot is in New York, a new report from the Blue Cross Blue Shield...
  9. PACE

    Comcast, Cox, and Frontier raising their internet rates for 2018

    https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2017/12/19/comcast-cox-frontier-net-neutrality/ Yeah, you are getting hosed...... Here's Cox's rates:
  10. bajisima

    Are vaccination rates boosted by educating mothers?

    Surprising.. Throughout history the empowerment of women has been linked to their education, which brings benefits not only to the women's own lives but to the lives of their children too. In developing countries, research shows a strong link between the education of mothers and immunization...
  11. Macduff

    Poll: High Rates Of College Students Support Violence, Shouting To Stop Free Speech

    Poll: U.S. Students Support Violence, Shouting To Stop Free Speech The snowflake mentality is the biggest threat to free speech. Being offended by something doesn't make you a snowflake. Thinking that your being offended means the other person doesn't have their right to speech is what makes...
  12. PACE

    Teen birth rates spike in TEXAS after women's health clinic closures

    80 clinics closed? doesn't stop the babies from coming folks. Teen birth rates spiked in Texas after Planned Parenthood was defunded - Houston Chronicle
  13. John T Ford

    Phoenix Drops Sanctuary City Status, Crime Rates Fall

    When the City of Phoenix ended its sanctuary city status crime began to fall, the Arizona Police Association reports. Their statement contrasts sharply with politically motivated chiefs of police from around the country. “When we eliminated our sanctuary policy back in 2008, we saw crime...
  14. bajisima

    Federal Reserve set to raise rates for the third time

    Hope nobody needs a house or new car or has student loans as rates are going up again. Investors this week won't have to deal with the former FBI director calling the president a liar or a landmark election in the UK that was almost destined to defy expectations. For that, we can be...
  15. Madeline

    What Drove Up White, Middle Class Divorce Rates?

    There is probably been more study and handwringing over this statitstic than any other, as to the Decline of the American Family. Religious Reichers blame feminism, abortion rights, no-fault divorce laws, etc. Sociologists blame everything, including the 1969 Moon Landing. Absent abuse or...
  16. T

    Trump's SoHo hotel where rooms used to cost $700 a night is cutting rates and laying

    The irony of a Trump named and managed hotel laying off staff would be amusing if not for the folks suffering due to the president's idiocy. Indeed, apparently there is a reduced demand to stay at Trump's hotel in SoHo, so staff is being let go and rates have been cut. So much winning...
  17. L

    Obamacare Jacks up Student Loan Interest Rates, Again

    Obama high-jacked the student loan program to subsidize Obamacare. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/student-loans-just-got-more-232203913.html
  18. Madeline

    Higher Auto Ins. Rates In Minority Neighborhoods

    Higher Car Insurance Rates in Some Minority Neighborhoods - Consumer Reports Bastards. Your thoughts?
  19. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Orange Douche Tee'! Rescinds Obama guidance Student Loans. Whee HIGHER debt Rates!

    Trump administration rescinds Obama guidance on student loan defaults: report. The Trump administration on Thursday rolled back Obama-era guidance that forbade student loan debt collectors from charging high fees to defaulted borrowers, The Washington Post reported. Trump administration...
  20. cpicturetaker12

    States panic. GOP 'slight of tax hand', lower marginal tax rates by axing deductions

    Be careful what you wish for for surely you may get it. Think about it. You would get a higher STANDARD DEDUCTION. But they eliminate mortgage interest and/or property taxes. House values WILL go down. (Unless of course you are above the threshold of it mattering if you have a big house...