1. BigLeRoy

    Get Ready For The Heat!!

    The next five years are expected to be abnormally hot, according to this relatively new probabilistic method of forecasting climate: While I do not have enough expertise to guarantee the soundness of this methodology, we sure...
  2. ptif219

    Be Ready for ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ at Your Local Library

    More perversion from democrats that want to indoctrinate our kids to be an immoral country Be Ready for ?Drag Queen Story Hour? at Your Local Library ? GOPUSA
  3. T

    Trump says he's 'ready' to put tariffs on all $505 billion of Chinese goods imported

    Awesome. Tariffs on a half trillion worth of imports. Remember when Trump said winning a trade war would be so easy? Now, he appears ready to shut down all trade with China, or at least making everything coming in prohibitively expensive. And hey, why not? I mean,w e certainly have millions...
  4. Friday13

    'Ready, fire, aim' - critics see pattern to Trump's approach

    Competence? We have yet to see any from tRump...just one fuck up after another. 'Ready, fire, aim' - critics see pattern to Trump's approach
  5. Friday13

    Essential Consultants, the Trump Foundation and Donald Trump's need for ready cash

    Just more blatant criminal activity by tRump...nothing new. Bringing shame and corruption to the WH and the USA...dangerous to the country and the entire world. Essential Consultants, the Trump Foundation and Donald Trump's need for ready cash
  6. ProgressivePatriot

    Lab-Grown Meat Is Coming to Your Supermarket. Are You Ready For It?

    Lab-Grown Meat Is Coming to Your Supermarket. Ranchers Are Fighting Back. Check this out ! I'm not sure exactly how I feel about it or if I would partake. I have been sworn off of meat for a long time- for many...
  7. Darkman

    Sputnik News: 'Trump Ready to Nix Nikki?'

    Trump Ready to Nix Nikki? © AP Photo/ Seth Wenig 22:21 19.04.2018 Finian Cunningham Nikki Haley, the fiery US ambassador to the United Nations, seems to have crossed swords with her boss in the White House. President Trump is said to have...
  8. DemoWhip

    Young activists to descend on Washington tomorrow for March for Our Lives

    Young activists to descend on Washington tomorrow for March for Our Lives By Emily Shapiro ==================================================== I Congratulate all of the students participating in the march tomorrow to put pressure on lawmakers to enact much stronger gun control...
  9. bajisima

    Trump ready to unveil infrastructure plan

    The White House is preparing to unveil its long-awaited $1 trillion infrastructure plan soon after President Donald Trump signs the GOP tax overhaul, hoping to begin 2018 with another big legislative win — but its approach is already drawing resistance from Democrats who are in no mood to...
  10. Singularity

    Sean Hannity ready to give up on Moore, issues 24-hour ultimatum

    To explain how he knows Beverly Young Nelson, who has proof in her yearbook that Moore, who has denied ever meeting her, sought a questionable relationship (she says he sexually assaulted her after days of flirtation with her at a restaurant while she was waiting tables). I actually will...
  11. the watchman

    ready for trump tv?

    Jesse Lenz Ready for Trump TV? Inside Sinclair Broadcasting?s Plot to Take Over Your Local News ? Mother Jones:hellno:
  12. Eve1

    Is the GOP about ready to give Trump an ultimatum?

    Corker is speaking out at this time against Trump and it's not just because he is the one senator that will not be running for re-election. As Mueller continues to gather evidence of Trump's crimes both before and during the election and while he is actually the President, the GOP is laying...
  13. Spookycolt

    Antifa militants ready to break bones, invade homes

    So do liberals believe this is a terrorist group yet? If they think you're a Nazi, which they think all Trump supporters are, they will come to your house and put a beating down on you. Some groups are even making "hit lists" now of people to go after. Its time to shut these groups...
  14. MaryAnne

    House Ready To Approve

    58 billion relief and Budget Deal! See what happens when Democrats and Republicans work together? 89 Republicans against,not one Democrat. I just changed their vote to yes.ashamed,I guess.:)
  15. Saladin3

    Hurricane Jose and Hurricane Katia ready to move in

    2 more hurricanes now churning ready to strike....But Apparently Rush Limbaugh thinks these are all a hoax by the "Liberal" media to push global warming...Alex Jones thinks the weather reports are false and the flood victims actors working on a big film set....trump setting up more photo...
  16. PACE

    500 cops ready for Boston rally - tomorrow

    More than 500 police officers will be ready to keep the peace at ?Boston Free Speech? rally - The Boston Globe Uh, remember #BostonStrong be safe boys and girls.
  17. T

    [GW#42] Ready for the eclipse?

    Are you you going to be in the track of the solar eclipse? I will be10 miles from dead center, over 2 minutes of total eclipse. Total Solar Eclipse 2017 - Path Through the United States Hotel bookings are maxed out. May be traffic chaos.
  18. C

    Looks like Democrats are ready to call Mitch to task

    So, during his speech on the Floor, Mitch McConnell says that it is now up to Democrats to come to Republicans with their ideas. Guess what? They're ready to do just that: House Democrats are poised to advance a flood of proposals designed to address the problems dogging President Obama's...
  19. MaryAnne

    Republicans Ready To Work

    On health care to fix the problems and stabilize health care. Senate Republicans Defy Trump And Announce Hearings To Stabilize Obamacare Markets
  20. cpicturetaker12

    Trump & CO. ready to refill GITMO with bad dudes!

    Are they just going to arbitrarily find bad dudes? Where have the bad dudes of the past past 4 years been going? Do these fucking dumbasses realize how EXPENSIVE GITMO is to maintain? This is so stupid, I don't know where to begin. But Sessions, his 'ownself', went down to do a site survey...