1. excalibur

    New Manufacturing Jobs Coming at Hottest Annual Pace Since Reagan

    And a certain unnamed former president said they weren't coming back, ever. New Manufacturing Jobs Coming at Hottest Annual Pace Since Reagan The latest Employment Situation Report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows new manufacturing jobs being added at a seasonally adjusted annual...
  2. Puzzling Evidence


    Hallowed be thy name! Deliver us from the liberal horde who investigates our commander and chief Donald "our savior" Trump! Smite our enemies in the DOJ and those evil traitors who have infiltrated the FBI! Death to those who have brought dishonor and fake news to out great-again nation and...
  3. BigLeRoy

    Ronald Reagan's Pie Fight Analogy For A Trade War

    Heh. I came across this amusing anecdote about Ronald Reagan in my Sunday morning's edition of The Denver Post. I will just quote the first two paragraphs of the article. And note that I may not be able to provide a link until tomorrow. I have often noticed that the links to stories in this...
  4. DebateDrone

    Reagan — CIA — IRAQ — Chemical Weapons

    I saw the part of the story on Frontline last night. What I could gather there is a connection between Reagan, CIA, Iraq and Iraq using chemical weapons during the Iran-Iraq war. I saw an article on Daily Mail this morning...but not much else. I have to put in eye drops so it like looking...
  5. vikingbeast

    Ron Reagan Commercial

    You featherbrains seen this? CNN runs it. I don't agree with his religion, but separation of church and state stance is spot on! Ron Reagan Jr., the dude's my hero!
  6. cpicturetaker12

    Reagan ECON adviser MOCKS Trump, MARKET just realized it has a LUNATIC as PRESIDENT

    Reagan ECON adviser MOCKS Trump, "MARKET just realized it has a LUNATIC as PRESIDENT" LMAO! FANTASTIC HEADLINE!! Dead on.... Reagan economic adviser mocks Trump as Dow falls: The market just realized an ‘unstable lunatic is president’ NOOR AL-SIBAI 05 FEB 2018 AT 23:24 ET President...
  7. Puzzling Evidence

    Trump once spent 90K on adds to discredit Ronald Reagan.

    (.....Instead of another smug Trump picture, I give you "princess Leia kitty," who would never ban Muslims or build a wall around our country....) There is a sinister underbelly to this idea that Regan 'had no...
  8. Sundance

    RINOs, Reagan Republicans, and the Alt Right: A short primer for liberals

    I see a lot of confusion in the left about what is really happening on the right. And, why the left's tactics don't seem to work anymore. You basically have 3 types of conservatives now. I'm leaving out Libertarians, because they can be all over the map. 1. RINOs: Probably the smallest group...
  9. MaryAnne

    Ron Reagan On Trump

    Not a normal grown up. Trump Not ?Behaving as a Normal Grown-Up,? Says President Ronald Reagan?s Son
  10. Singularity

    JFK, LBJ, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Obama

    None of these ^ men ever polled at 60 percent disapproval in Gallup's daily tracker. 6/12/17, Day 144 for Trump, is his first with 60 percent disapproval. Nixon's first: Day 1,736 H.W. Bush's first: Day 1,290 W. Bush's first: Day 1,758
  11. Goofball

    Best Budget since Reagan.

    No wonder Dim heads are exploding. How long before we get Libnuts in here crying about the source, or how many people it will kill? 3.....2....
  12. PACE

    The republican health care bill repeals this benefit signed by Reagan in 1981 The next time these cretins tell you Reagan was the greatest, remember, they also killed a sane and sensible policy Regards Pace
  13. DemoWhip

    What Reagan said about undocumented immigrants

    President Ronald Reagan was most generous to the undocumented immigrants whom some right-wingers call "illegals." President Bush, Sr. also helped them during his term in office, though not going through Congress directly, in order to grant them amnesty. So, why is it so difficult for Trump and...
  14. cpicturetaker12

    PUTIN NAME-DROPS REAGAN to reach out to US Trump fans--DENIES election interference!!

    And of course what PUTIN says we should believe, right? This is really amusing. So Putin goes on CNBC. Asked if he had anything to do with interfering with the US election? Quotes RONALD REAGAN (he thinks) 'WATCH MY LIPS', doubles down, as he proclaims he had nothing to do with interfering...
  15. GordonGecko

    Who could have imagined that the death knell of Reagan Conservativism would be rung..

    by a REPUBLICAN President. As Trump now supports "insurance for all....paid for by the Government". Let us recall the Gipper in the early 1960s....on Medicare? Ya had a good run there, Ronnie....but when it came time for your Party to...
  16. L

    Michael Reagan Blasts Trump: My Father Would Not Support This Campaign

    The son of former President Ronald Reagan is fed up with Donald Trump, declaring that he can no longer support the GOP nominee and that his father would have taken the same position. Michael Reagan, a Republican, wrote on Twitter Sunday that he's "embarrassed" by Trump, specifically calling...
  17. the watchman

    Reagan Kids respond to comparisons of their father to Trump. Hours before GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence was to speak Thursday at President Reagan’s library, Democrats blasted out a video of the late president’s three living children excoriating Donald Trump. “My father would be appalled. I’m...
  18. DemoWhip

    Ronald Reagan's Daughter Blasts Trump's 'Verbal Violence'

    KUDOS to Patti Davis, President Ronald Reagan's eldest daughter, in speaking up at this time against Donald Trump! That just goes to show that even more Republicans are quite done with Trump and what he is saying that is deleterious to all Americans. ********** Ronald Reagan's Daughter...
  19. Cicero

    Reagan Republican: Trump is the emperor with no clothes

    Reagan Republican: Trump is the emperor with no clothes By Frank Lavin Updated 8:20 AM ET, Sun August 7, 2016 A former government official in Republican administrations since the presidency of Ronald Reagan, Frank Lavin is the CEO of Export Now, a company that helps U.S. brands sell online...
  20. meridian5455

    Reagan children outraged over Will Ferrell's "dementia comedy"

    Comedian Will Ferrell has played a president before. He's famous for his trademark impersonation of George W. Bush in his "Saturday Night Live" comedy sketches, but now, he's taking on another presidential role, and not everyone is laughing, reports Josh Elliott of CBS News' digital network...