1. DemoWhip

    The real danger to the US economy in Trump’s trade policy

    The real danger to the US economy in Trump’s trade policy It’s not the tariffs, it’s what happens next. By Matthew Yglesias ==================================================== And not only will Trump be met soon with strong sanctions against the United States by other countries as...
  2. Friday13

    Analysis: The Real Risks of Trump's Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

    Analysis: The Real Risks of Trump's Steel and Aluminum Tariffs
  3. Darkman

    Real disposable income up most in 5 years, jobless claims at 49-year low

    U.S. jobless claims plunge to 49-year low of 210,000 - MarketWatch
  4. The Man

    Real life POLTERGEIST?

    Yesterday, a very strange police report began making the rounds on Russian internet This is a Major in charge of a local police station reporting to his superior, a Colonel. All taking place at a village called Maraksa, in Tomsk region, in Siberia. The Major reports that, on February...
  5. Babba

    FBI Messages Show the Bureau's Real Reaction to Trump Firing James Comey

    Contrary to what Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders insisted, the FBI was NOT in turmoil and Comey is most certainly not "nut job" and was most certainly well respected by the FBI overall...
  6. Devil505

    Putin is the real winner of Trump's attack on democracy

    Trump's real partner in all this is Russia. Our Congress overwhelmingly voted new sanctions against Russia for its interference in our elections.....but Trump has refused to implement them. Trump is trying to destroy the credibility of the FBI which is our main protection against Russian spies...
  7. Ronin Tetsuro

    A real immigration debate.
  8. Madeline

    The Real Cost Of Cleveland's Democratic Party Rule: Our Children

    One party rule in Cleveland (and elsewhere) eliminates the actual competition in government contracting, turning every project into a cesspool of patronage and bribery. In 2011, the city opened its new juvenile detention center, at a cost of $11 million, at least $4 million over contract...
  9. T

    Roy Moore’s real Jewish lawyer is a Liberty University graduate who ‘has accepted Chr

    Remember Roy Moore's Jewish lawyer? Or as Kayla Moore put it, their lawyer who is a Jew? Yeah, he's not Jewish. Perhaps he was, but the man does indeed accept the myth of Jewish Christ as being the son of a god. So he is kinda, sorta, not really Jewish, more along the lines of Christian, but I...
  10. TennesseeRain

    #TrumpLeaks uncovers photos of Donald Trump, Jr. at Russian real estate conference in

    Moscow Washington, D.C. – January 4, 2017 -The Democratic Coalition uncovered photos Wednesday morning of Donald Trump Jr. at the Adam Smith Conferences 6th Annual Russian Real Estate Summit in Moscow in 2008. The photos were released as part of an effort known as #TrumpLeaks, a research...
  11. Spookycolt

    Democratic real ad. "Who do you trust more not to show you their penis."

    This is just hilarious. The lefties have absolutely no policy to run on and Trump isn't working for them anymore so what are they using now? Yep, who's penis do you think you will see more of, the lefts or the rights? You just can't make this stuff up folks...
  12. OldGaffer

    Tennessee has a real chance to elect a Democrat to replace Corker

    Dems Land Top Recruit: Former Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen Will Run For Senate ? Talking Points Memo Bredesen served as Mayor of Nashville and Governor and did a great job...
  13. Goofball

    REAL Cherokee woman slams 100% white Fauxcohontas.

    It seems Fauxcohontas is not gonna be able to easily run away from her lying past. Even alt-Left "Thinkprogress" is calling her out. Ouch!
  14. C

    The Bible's archaic, arbitrary code of ethics is ineffective in the real world.

    I have been challenged several times to demonstrate how Christianity harms society, presumably because the person challenging me thinks that it doesn't. So, this will be the first of numerous discussions demonstrating exactly how Christianity harms society. Now, I am certain that any of a...
  15. the watchman

    Trump attorney: We’ll challenge Mueller if he investigates old real estate deals

    An attorney representing President Trump in the ongoing investigation into whether his campaign colluded with Russia said in an interview published Saturday that his team would challenge special counsel Robert Mueller if the probe began looking at Trump's former business deals. Politico...
  16. Chief

    Not civil war, but some real hard times coming, imo

    Should Trump be removed from office, and especially if he's jailed, I suspect that some number, perhaps many, of his hardcore followers will consider it a coup d'états, and I would not at all be surprised if we had another Oklahoma City style bombing. What do you all see coming down the pipes?
  17. Rob Larrikin

    9.7 m year old teeth suggest EUROPE may be real cradle of humanity

    It's possible that Europe is the actual cradle of humanity instead of Africa. See article here: 9.7m-year-old teeth suggest Europe is cradle of humanity | Daily Mail Online The German teeth are twice as old as previously found African skeletons.
  18. Two If By Tea

    Honest Immigration Policy From The REAL McCoys

    Back when I was growing up was reruns of old black n white tv shows like the Real McCoys.. Anyhow back in 50s they had a "Bacceroo" Program for Farm Labor... In the Real McCoys that was "Pepino"... Anyhow the "original" program was migrant workers got in for...
  19. Dittohead not!

    Is this for real?

    I'm curious: Is this for real, or is the Burrard Street Journal Canada's version of the Onion? It certainly reads like an Onion article, but given the statements made by our dear POTUS, I'm really not sure: Donald Trump Calls Justin Trudeau “Canada’s Worst President Yet”
  20. cpicturetaker12

    FAKE MEDIA (or real RW MEDIA) blamed LasVegas on ISIS

    Okay, so I'm gonna share my afternoon. Got shit off my desk about 5PM with a raging backache. Just as I was about to take a handful Advil and go lay down, I started seeing a MEME pop up about an ISIS CONNECTION to the white guy's massacre with his arsenal in a Las Vegas hotel room. Say...