1. Helena

    Could the Cuban Crisis realistically have lead to WW3?

    Admittedly I don't know much about the crisis, but the little I know has always seemed to me as mostly posturing on both sides. Do you think a nuclear world war was a real option?
  2. T

    Is it realistically possible to amend the Constitution?

    I hear all the time that if I want to change the Constitution, then an amendment is required. This requires the majority of Congress, the President, and 3/4 of the state governments to approve. Fact: The most recent Constitutional Amendment was passed in 1992 - this after over 200 years of...
  3. T

    Those who are realistically left in the campaign:

    Lets see, I get to choose from: A man who seemingly has a cult of personality A man who wants us to stay in Iraq for 100 years A woman who has the last name 'clinton'. Wonderful American election process...