1. C

    PORP - The Party of Reason and Progress

    Fascinating. I'm intrigued. What do you think? Home | The Party of Reason and Progress
  2. Claudius the God

    Obamas give Martha's Vineyard a reason to cheer! This is what happens when you and your family are so loved and so missed that people come out in droves just to acknowledge you and share with you their sense of loss. Trump and his supporters want desperately to destroy the legacy of this...
  3. Devil505

    Trump's reason for another meeting with Putin?

    I'm pretty sure that Trump realizes how weak he looked last week and the next meeting will be one where Putin will have agreed to appear subservient to Trump. This will allow Putin to continue using his puppet while playing to Trump's base. Make no mistake......Putin owns Trump because he put...
  4. excalibur

    Another Reason Not to Trust Intel Agencies

    Yeah, they claimed with virtual 100% assurance that it was sarin used in Syria, with no neutral people to make such a report on the ground. Now, months later, it isn't looking good. Just another reason not to place so much faith in intel agency pronouncements. ... A 5-page White House...
  5. BigLeRoy

    One Good Reason Americans Don't Know Much About Climate Change

    Is because even our college science textbooks don't discuss it very much:
  6. DemoWhip

    There’s a reason why this powerful video from the BBC is bringing gay people to tears

    There’s a reason why this powerful video from the BBC is bringing gay people to tears By Bil Browning ==================================================== This is truly a very moving video that exemplifies the harsh reality of what members of the LGBT Community go through daily when...
  7. BigLeRoy

    The REAL Reason Putin & The Russians Wanted Trump So Badly

    I continue to be amazed that there has been so little discussion about the REAL reason Putin and the Russians wanted Trump so badly that they were willing to mount a massive interference and meddling campaign in the American election to bring about the election of their man, possibly leading to...
  8. Friday13

    China letting yuan crush the dollar - Trump just one reason why

    China letting yuan crush the dollar - Trump just one reason why
  9. Eve1

    Trump's theory reason for Mueller investigation was a big hoax was debunked today

    The press conference today by Rob Rosenstein blows up the theory that the reason for the Mueller investigation was a big hoax.Trump was one of the people that kept insisting there was no interference by Russians and that it didn't affect the election.That it was just Democrats crying about...
  10. libertariat720

    What is the evolutionary reason for having consciousness?

    I'll leave this as an open question with some clips from a few different people with different opinions. I'll have to put them in separate posts. First opinion is from Jordan Peterson.
  11. Idiocracat

    Probably another reason Trump won't release his taxes

    Class act. Trump Lawyer Arranged $130,000 Payment for Adult-Film Star’s Silence
  12. the watchman

    they call it "The Trump Tower Tax Cuts" for a reason. this is the way Dems should present this tax cut to the voters ( per Chris Matthews ) . The Republican's know that Trump may well not be in office for much longer. That's why they are trying to rush their plans through...
  13. Devil505

    Would the Republican Congress impeach and Remove Trump for ANY reason?

    I say no. (The first option should just read "No")
  14. J

    The reason why small hands response was so slow for Puerto Rico

    The problem was three fold , first he had no clue where it was and secondly he didn't know this country had territory's and thirdly he also didn't know what a territory was. He is the president of the right wing and the rest of us will just wait to have a leader after this man of hate is gone .
  15. Two If By Tea

    The "Real" Reason Why Hillary Lost 2 Trump and No Russia either

    Hillary lost because of "minnority" turnout. Lets go back to 2016 on the northside or the "hood" of Milwaukee Wisconsin they sent Chelsea .. Wow a brotha or sista deep in the crack ghetto of Milwaukee is gonna be like "Wow" Chelsea Clinton.. Michigan and Pensylvania too... Ah dont...
  16. Devil505

    What do you think is the real reason why Trump won't pull out of AF after 16 years?

    He often bitched about the AF war but his gutless response tonight was to give in to his generals. Why?
  17. Southern Dad

    The unlikely reason Americans are shopping at Target again

    How are they luring shoppers back? Discounting. Target, a store that has historically avoided deep discounting started lowering prices three months ago. It's working. Target will also be opening some small footprint stores like Walmart's Neighborhood Markets. They are also venturing into...
  18. RNG

    The reason behind the WH leak problem

    A bit of a long read, but very interesting. The real reason the Trump administration has such a leak problem
  19. L

    Real Reason Firearm Sales are Booming

    Most anti-gun 'studies' claim a decrease in firearm prevalence which is opposite to reality and what the data shows.
  20. Dr Sampson Simpson

    A big reason why people are so angry

    To begin, just want to tell a story of my grandparents and parents. My parents had 3 kids. My dad was finishing up his engineering degree, and I don't remember where he worked. And they owned their own duplex house in Queens, NY. Then they were able to buy a bigger house Long Island later...