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    Top 10 reasons for not being a Christian

    Top 10 reasons for not being a Christian Posted: September 30, 2004 1:00 a.m. Eastern © 2004 Over the course of my ministry, I've pretty much heard all the objections to Christianity the world has to offer. Here are what I would consider the "Top 10 Objections" to...
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    Removed for cause or removed for political reasons?

    Fired U.S. attorneys cite political pressure One felt pressed to rush charges before election March 7, 2007 BY LAURIE KELLMAN WASHINGTON -- A half-dozen fired prosecutors paraded across Capitol Hill on Tuesday airing Republican dirty laundry -- stories of GOP lawmakers seeking political...
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    Reasons arabs dislike/distrust west and are pissed.

    Alot of people resort to terrorisim because most are thinking un rational and are emotional like when u see someone kill ur son infront of u than u kill them. Why? Simply History repeats it’s self. 1.) The Western governments have shown them selves to only care for money and there own...
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    Ten Reasons Why Gay Marriage is Wrong.

    Ten reasons why gay marriage is wrong! 1.Being gay is not natural. We should reject unnatural things like optical glasses, airplanes, telephones and air conditioning. 2. Gay marriage will encourage people to be gay in the same manner that hanging around tall people makes you tall and visiting...
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    Ten Reasons To Impeach The President

    Ten Reasons To Impeach The President | December 5, 2006 Steve Watson "The act of writing up Articles of Impeachment is not difficult. You just write them on a piece of paper," -US Rep. McKinney (D-GA) Remember what Bill Clinton was impeached for when reading the following ten...
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    One of the Unspoken Reasons for the Republican Loss

    Bush's Unstoppable Desire to Kiss Mexican Ass Meanwhile, most Republicans know that the Mexicans should be stopped at the border, and those captured inside the country should be sent back, with a criminal conviction on their records.
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    Reasons Osama Bin Ladin isnt Muslim.

    1.)Osama wears gold were if he was a fanatic he would only wear silver. 2.)He created his own Quran which is Bitah and if he was a fanatic would not make up a religion or Quran.
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    97 Reasons Democrats Are Weak On Defense

    97 Reasons Democrats Are Weak On Defense And Can't Be Trusted To Govern In Wartime INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY Posted 9/29/2006 Today's Democrats are nothing like Presidents Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy, who with courage and decisive action kept on top of their jobs and aggressively confronted...
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    Can the West defeat the Islamist threat? Here are ten reasons why not

    Can the West defeat the Islamist threat? Here are ten reasons why not David Selbourne LET US SUPPOSE, for the sake of argument, that the war declared by al-Qaeda and other Islamists is under way. Let us further suppose that thousands of “terrorist” attacks carried out in Islam’s name during...
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    Top ten reasons God created eve

    10. God worried that Adam would be lost in the Garden of Eden because he wouldn't ask for directions. 9. God knew that someday Adam would need someone to hand him the TV remote. (Parenthetically, it has been noted that men don't want to see what's ON TV; they want to see WHAT ELSE is on.)...