1. D

    Breaking: Sarah Sanders to receive Secret Service Protection!

    BREAKING! It is being reported that Sarah Sanders will now have SECRET SERVICE Protection where ever she goes! That is obviously a misuse of the citizen's tax dollars as she is not high enough in rank to receive such protection. Details to follow.
  2. KnotaFrayed

    Tis better to what? Give or receive?

    How is this not backwards, absurd and not Christian considering/give that all LGBT people are born from a heterosexual event? Adoption, Foster Care Agencies That Shun LGBTQ People Get Millions From Taxpayers "Nonprofit foster and adoption agencies that discriminate against LGBTQ people have...
  3. Darkman

    N. Korea will receive US economic assistance if it gives up nuclear weapons, Pompeo

    North Korea will receive US economic assistance if it gives up nuclear weapons, Pompeo says | Fox News North Korea will receive US economic assistance if it gives up nuclear weapons, Pompeo says | Fox News - Kewl by me
  4. Southern Dad

    125,000 Disney employees to receive $1,000 cash bonus due to tax reform

    Oh snap! Walt Disney announced it is giving out bonuses due to the tax breaks. Do the Democrats want to explain why they voted against the tax reform again?
  5. Idiocracat

    Trumps says Churches should receive Federal funds

    Disagree 100%. This is the exact reason they're tax exempt in the first place. Churches in Texas should be entitled to reimbursement from FEMA Relief Funds for helping victims of Hurricane Harvey (just like others).
  6. GordonGecko

    Putin Agrees To Receive Intelligence Briefings In Place Of Trump-

    Putin Agrees to Receive Intelligence Briefings in Trump?s Place - The New Yorker Cut out the Middle Man. Makes sense, huh? :)
  7. the watchman

    Trump to receive first security briefing: sources.

    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is expected to receive his first national security briefing this week from intelligence officials, sources said on Tuesday. Representatives from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence will give the New York businessman a wide-ranging...
  8. Two If By Tea

    Wealthier Americans Receive Much More HealthCare

    The authors attribute their findings to the synergistic impact of widening U.S. income inequality, the 2007-2009 recession and the slow recovery for the poor and middle class, and a sharp rise in health insurance co-payments and deductibles that discourage non-wealthy Americans from seeking...
  9. BDBoop

    Should the gun owner be charged and receive a stiff sentence for child endangerment

    3 year-old boy who shot self in head flown to Houston hospital - 12 News First quote under story makes perfect sense and I am to the point where I think it would be an excellent idea to charge the gun owner. This little boy didn't "accidentally" shoot himself. An adult was negligent in...
  10. DebateDrone

    Utah Governor Signs Bill requiring the Fetus receive Anesthesia for it's Abotion

    Utah Governor Signs Bill Requiring Abortion Anesthesia - Bloomberg Politics Oh my. "He believes in not only erring on the side of life, but also minimizing any pain that may be caused to an unborn child," The Governor is basing his law on his belief.
  11. HadEnough2

    Trump Honored to Receive Palin Endorsement

    They do have a lot in common. One was a politician that turned reality star and the other was a reality star turned politician. One's a quitter one's a bull shitter. Trump is selling outrage and emotion and the Right Wing Drama Queens are buying it. Will this help Trump or hurt him?
  12. PACE

    Nine schools in Jersey receive mass shooting/bomb threats

    all threats came from same Skype account At Least 9 New Jersey Schools Receive Bomb, Mass Shooting Threats | NBC New York
  13. C

    Clinton Foundation Donors Receive Special State Dept Favors - Hillary is Sleazy

    Everyone remember Hillary said the emails she deleted (well tried to) were about Yoga, her romance with Bill, etc... apparently, this information came from those emails. Hillary lied.... again. She was running a $ for favor scheme banking hundreds of billions and offering State Department...
  14. Devil505

    Should we take the 10,000 Syrian refugees we agreed to receive?

    As most of you know, I'm a pretty liberal/moderate guy but I think it would be crazy to accept this. ISIS will undoubtedly use it as a mechanism to infiltrate many fighters into this country. Close Guantanamo prison and relocate some there. (better still force Saudi Arabia to house them in...
  15. C

    Copper too drunk to receive award

    what can one say..... ;) Florida police officer 'too inebriated to receive anti-drink driving award' Internal police documents say officer Michael Szeliga showed up 'ready to party' Andrew Buncombe New York It did not not quite go according to plan. A Florida police officer...
  16. BDBoop

    Georgia Police Receive Blatantly Racist Call — And Do Exactly the Right Thing

    Georgia Police Receive Blatantly Racist Call and Do Exactly the Right Thing | Alternet So cool. And here I am, a lib, backing the police. Please note the date, I know tomorrow someone (and the Pips) will be merrily announcing he's the only one who believes that blue lives matter.
  17. aboutenough

    Defiant Kentucky Clerk to Receive Award for Her ‘Courage’ Amid Gay Marriage Battle

    There’s been no shortage of controversy surrounding defiant Kentucky clerk Kim Davis‘ continued decision to refuse to grant same-sex marriage licenses in her name — a stance that landed her behind bars for five days earlier this month. But as division continues over whether Davis is legally —...
  18. Singularity

    Loyal Expos de Montréal fans receive key signs from MLB of an imminent revival

    OK, this is pretty cool. Commissioner of Baseball Rob Manfred: “We either have to be in a mode where we are expanding or someone is looking to relocate,” Manfred said. “Assuming that we are in one of those modes, I see Montreal as a viable possibility." The Prime Minister of Canada, the Mayor...
  19. The Man

    "Alcoholic" bears to receive treatment

    Sochi's Alcoholic Bears to Undergo Rehab in Romania | News | The Moscow Times 20 years in a provincial Russian bar? I am surprised the poor furry ones are even still alive...
  20. meridian5455

    Fort Hood victims set to receive Purple Hearts, combat status

    Congress is set to make victims of the 2009 Fort Hood shootings eligible for Purple Hearts and combat injury benefits after the Obama administration has denied them the status for the past five years. House Republicans, working with the Democratic-controlled Senate Armed Services Committee...