1. L

    Will Hillary Blame the Imminent Recession on Obama?

    Hillary is going to face a recession right out of the gate. She has been on the campaign trail propagating Obama's propaganda and lies about the strength of Obamaconomy. Those lies are coming back to bite her. Economic outlook is gloomy, no fiscal stimulus - Business Insider
  2. Davocrat

    Number Of Hungry U.S. Kids Drops To Lowest Level Since Great Recession

    Gimme an "O"! Gimme a "B"! Wish we could give him a third term. It's rare to get good news when it comes to hunger. But the government says there was a big drop last year in the number of people in the country struggling to get enough to eat, especially children. Overall, 15.8 million U.S...
  3. Friday13

    Trump victory could cause global recession: Citigroup

    Not the first and probably not the last to warn of this... Trump victory could cause global recession: Citigroup I'm just reporting the news. I hate Citi, personally.
  4. L

    Obamaconomy Teetering on Recession

    1st quarter GDP growth lowered to 0.8% growth and second quarter is only 1.2%. Since Hillary has hitched her wagon to Obama and promises to be the third term, this bad economic news makes one question that strategy. News Release: Gross Domestic Product
  5. Babba

    Signs Point to Recession for Britain

    The chickens are coming home to roost. (I would have linked directly to the WSJ article but it requires a subscription.) After Brexit, Signs Point to Recession for Britain | Mother Jones
  6. Babba

    Moody's Analysis: Trump's Policy Plans Would Trigger A 'Lengthy Recession'

    All of his ideas suck so bad and now the sucktitude of his ideas have been quantified. Moody's Analysis: Trump's Policy Plans Would Trigger A 'Lengthy Recession'
  7. L

    JPMorgan: Odds of Recession This Year Hit High

    Things are looking worse and worse for the Obamaconomy. Economic growth 1st quarter was practically zero, another disappointing jobs report. High odds for a recession increase the odds of a President Donald J Trump...
  8. L

    I told you so. Obama right and Europe wrong about way out of Great Recession

    I told you so. Barack Obama is too schooled in the niceties of diplomacy to put it as bluntly. But he would be well within his rights to utter those four words when he sits around the table with Angela Merkel at the G20 summit next week. snip In Toronto, the consensus broke down. Obama’s...
  9. bajisima

    Typical household makes less now than before the recession

    The typical American household, six years after the Great Recession, is still worse off, according to a report released Wednesday. "The Census Bureau reported that median household income was $53,657 in 2014. That’s less than the 2013 median of $54,462, but not statistically different. What...
  10. Goofball

    More children living in poverty today than during the recession. What recovery?

    Let's here some more about Obama's awesome economic recovery. More children living in poverty now than during recession
  11. Two If By Tea

    Texas Falling Into Recession Due To Lower Oil Prices And Massive Job Losses

    While the U.S. economy continued to add jobs last month, states that rely heavily on the oil industry experienced significant cuts. Job losses hit particularly hard in Texas (down 25,400 jobs) and Oklahoma (down 12,900), leading the nation in losses. North Dakota lost 3,000 jobs, a significant...
  12. BoiseBo

    Boehner pines for the days of the Great Recession

    Gotta feel for him ... no? ;-) John Boehner Pines For Good Old Days Of Great Recession | Wonkette
  13. P

    Will Texas Slip Into A Deep Recession Because Of Oil Prices?

    I think, yes, Texas is certainly in danger. Anyone who knows anything about this state knows that oil is a huge part of its economy; just ask the Bush family, who have ridden their enormous fortunes, largely from oil, to tremendous political stature and influence. With oil prices going down, it...
  14. bajisima

    Japan enters recession

    Japan has just entered a recession after third quarter GDP shrank. PM "Abe" has shelved a second tax hike on the Japanese people as this news sent shockwaves across the country. A stimulus package earlier in the year also has failed to help. "April's tax hike sent the economy into a...
  15. bajisima

    Brazil falls into recession

    Brazil has fallen into recession just 2 months after the World Cup and a month away from national elections. BBC News - Brazil's economy falls into recession, latest figures show
  16. MaryAnne

    2008 Recession

    Worse than the Great Depression. 2008 Meltdown Was Worse Than Great Depression, Bernanke Says - Democratic Underground
  17. Tedminator

    Russia Could Face Recession by Year-End Due to Western Sanctions sez Russian lawmaker

    Russia Could Face Recession by Year-End Due to Western Sanctions | Business | RIA Novosti MOSCOW, July 31 (RIA Novosti) – Stiffer economic penalties on the Russian economy could push it into an early recession by the turn of the year, a senior Russian lawmaker warned Thursday. “The sanctions...
  18. Meursault

    Economic Recession Linked to 10,000 Suicides?

    Economic Recession Linked to 10,000 Suicides | Common Dreams OR Recession linked to more than 10,000 suicides - CBS News I haven't read the study but I would think the numbers would be much higher, globally, than 10,000. I wonder what the long term trend is (lest say, in the last 100...
  19. L

    San Francisco job creation outpaces most states since start of Great Recession

    San Francisco's tech-driven economic boom has outstripped the majority of the country when it comes to creating new jobs since the onset of the Great Recession, according to a new study. "Since the Great Recession started in 2007, San Francisco itself -- a city of 825,000 -- has generated...
  20. L

    Danger of Global Recession After 30 Years of Neoliberal Counterrevolution

    PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, TRNN: Welcome back to The Real News Network. I'm Paul Jay in Baltimore. If you read the financial press and the business sections of major newspapers, there's a lot of speculation these days about whether we are poised for another global recession. Now joining us to...