1. Singularity

    The FBI's internal disciplinary board recommended demoting Strzok. Wray jus fired him

    I really don't want to hear that Trump's own goddamn appointees are being unfair, disloyal or overly protective of his enemies in the bureaucracy. Such a statement doesn't have any credibility anymore.
  2. Ginger


    FBI Director James Comey has announced he is referring the matter to the DOJ for a prosecutorial decision. To paraphrase, he stated that she violated statutes using multiple unsecured servers and devices to store and transmit confidential, secret, and top secret information. He said the FBI...
  3. Stefan Bandera

    "Liberal "Saudi blogger recommended for apostasy trial -possible death

    Wife: Saudi blogger recommended for apostasy trial - Saudi blogger recommended for apostasy trial The religion of peace does it again !! Saudi Arabia judge recommended that imprisoned blogger Raif Badawi be charged with apostasy, which would carry the death penalty upon...
  4. B

    270towin Election Simulator (highly recommended)

    The website is a pretty neat site. You can create your own electoral map there. There is also a section where the website runs simulations of all the possible permutations of state wins, based on current polling. Here is the simulations page: 2012 Presidential Election Simulator...
  5. T

    A member recommended you

    but I was frankly appalled when I saw how young everyone is. But then it occurred to me that you might actually NEED a great-grandfather in your forum. After all, ther's nothing like experience to help sift through ideas. I was probably around last time your "new" idea was tried.
  6. michaelr

    Recommended Reading: Much Of Afghan Drug Money Going To 'Our Friends'

    Recommended Reading: Much Of Afghan Drug Money Going To 'Our Friends' The same shit happened in Italy, we placed the Mafia as mayors and into city governments across the country. We obviously have no business nation building. We are losing this war, and making ourselves a laughing stock...
  7. J

    Recommended Reading

    I know this is quite a general forum, simply being titled 'History', but I thought it would be interesting to start a thread where people recommend some books they may have read, with regards to any period of history. I'll get the ball rolling; The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956 by Aleksandr...