1. BYG Jacob

    The Better Care Reconciliation Act

    The Senate's healthcare bill; Full text: New Senate GOP health care bill - POLITICO It sucks, highlights: Another thing, the bill only contains $2 Billion for opioid addiction. Some senators wanted a lot more, which is gonna be a tough sell.
  2. jackalope

    Hypocrisy Alert ! - Rove Backs Reconciliation For Health Care Repeal

    So, he was FOR reconciliation (for Bush tax cuts), before he was AGAINST reconciliation (for health care sidecar bill), before he was once again FOR reconciliation (for GOP agenda to repeal health care reform). Summing up: Rove is FOS, for anything to further Republican agendas, against...
  3. C

    Kucinich Will Vote for Reconciliation; Few Holdouts Left

    Dennis Kucinich Flips: Will Support Health Care Reform Good news, albeit not surprising in the least. I think we're beginning to see the final obstacles of reconciliation fall. The partisan divisions of this bill in particular don't leave much room for moderates who feel that the bill isn't...
  4. C

    Obama Makes Final Push for HC Reform; Reconciliation Put in Motion At Ohio Rally, Obama Tries to Personalize the Health Care Bill - I have to say that I much prefer candidate Obama to president Obama; hopefully all of this rhetoric and campaigning means that healthcare legislation is imminent. The...
  5. P

    New Healthcare Plan Next Thursday; Reconciliation Imminent

    POTUS to announce path next week - Live Pulse - In a collective deep breath, we can all say finally. We've been waiting for months and fooling ourselves with the allusion that Republicans are open to compromise. Democrats control 59 seats in the Senate - one less than is needed for...
  6. C

    Senate Democrats Make Big Push For Reconciliation and Public Option

    Dianne Feinstein Signs On To Public Option Push I think Anthem Blue Cross's decision to increase rates will have a significant effect on congressional measures to pass healthcare reform. Like it or not, Democrats are going to lose a significant amount of members in 2010, so they might as well...
  7. C

    Senate Democrats Eye Controversial Reconciliation to Pass Healthcare - Dems Eye 'Reconciliation' on Health Care, But Tactic Is No Smooth Solution I'm in favor of this option should their be no bipartisan consensus reached in the healthcare summit at the end of the month. Reconciliation is always a controversial issue and the minority party always...
  8. Six

    Senate threatens reconciliation if Brown Wins

    It would be the last thing they did in their professional political careers so go ahead. I've always said a rotten Democrat is a Conservatives secret weapon.
  9. Devil505

    Why Not Reconciliation?

    Bush used this procedure to get his tax cuts shoved down the throats of the Dems so why not bypass the need for Lieberman or any Repubs & just use re conciliation to force a good HC bill through? Here's the "Cliff Notes" on reconciliation...
  10. nonsqtr

    Dems consider reconciliation to pass the healthcare bill

    In an op-ed piece in today's Wall Street Journal, would-be Health & Human Services Secretary (and tax cheat) Tom Dashle dragged out a recently deceased Kennedy, a little boy with cancer and a host of scare tactics in an effort to push for the passage of health care reform legislation. But even...
  11. Blueneck


    This is a really good article detailing how the reconciliation process could be used to cram through a health reform bill, only from what I can gather, it would make things more expensive because of the "Byrd rule": What this might effect: It goes on to discuss other issues and there...
  12. W

    RECONCILIATION in IRAQ —Is It Achievable?

    Iraq is engaged in a low-grade civil war. Three million Iraqis have been displaced either internally or have fled to Syria and Jordan. There is no function of government that operates competently across the nation, and the police force is feared as a “Shi’a militia in uniform.” Enemy insurgents...
  13. D

    Newsflash: The Iraqi Government Does NOT Want Political Reconciliation

    With the Iraqi parliament STILL planning on taking a two month vacation beginning in a couple of weeks and absolutely no progress toward any political benchmarks to show, one has to ask oneself, do they really want political reconciliation or do they just want us to fight and die for their civil...