1. nonsqtr

    sovereign immunity and the right to redress

    The 1st Amendment: It says "petition", it doesn't say "sue". We'll get to the "sue" part in a moment. Here's a "petition for redress": What is "redress"? I'll leave that one to you ( Now - SUING the...
  2. N

    court rules falsely convicted man cannot sue for redress

    Well, folks, just happened - minutes ago, here in LA. Can't find a link yet, I'll post one as soon as I can. The court just ruled, that a guy who was falsely convicted and spent 24 years in jail based on the probable misconduct of a prosecutor, can not sue for redress. I mean, they even get...
  3. S

    Appeal for Redress

    Brings a whole new meaning to "Support The Troops", eh?