1. cpicturetaker12

    Roger stone aide held in contempt for refusing to testify in RUSSIA investigation!!

    I was on my cell earlier. Just ASSUMED this was covered and I was missing it but I don't see a thread. Not even worth an 'honorable mention'? This is a BIG FUCKING DEAL (to quote Biden) or the PRELUDE to a really big fucking deal. STONE has been giving interviews for MONTHS telling everyone...
  2. Darkman

    Canada: Restaurant manager fired for refusing service to customer wearing ‘MAGA’ hat

    Good start ... Need to see more of the same! --- Vancouver restaurant manager fired for refusing service to customer wearing ‘MAGA’ hat By Simon Little and Niki Reitmayer CKNW A manager of a popular B.C. restaurant is without a job tonight, all because of a red hat. As Kristen Robinson...
  3. HayJenn

    Trump's DOJ says the ACA is unconstitutional

    The Justice Department will not defend the Affordable Care Act in court, and says it believes the law's individual mandate — the provision the Supreme Court upheld in 2012 — has become unconstitutional. Why it matters: The Justice Department almost always defends federal laws when they're...
  4. Sassy

    Teen girl pulled off train for refusing to move her foot

    The video looks pretty bad, the cop dragging this very slight girl off the train, but at the same time, what are they supposed to do? In this case, the police have been instructed to crack down on train rules. No eating, drinking, vaping, and putting feet on seats. They can warn them, or...
  5. T

    Trump: Greta Van Susteren fired for refusing MSNBC's 'Trump hate'

    Our mean girl president took to Twitter again this morning. Shocking, I know. This time to spout some made up nonsense about a talk show host, Van Susteren, being fired from MSNBC for not hating trump to sufficient levels. Indeed, this is how Trump spent his Saturday morning. Trump: Greta...
  6. aboutenough

    North Carolina Magistrates Can Go Right On Refusing To Perform Gay Marriages

    A federal appeals court slapped down a challenge to a North Carolina law that allows magistrates to refuse to perform same-sex marriages on religious grounds. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit ruled Wednesday that the plaintiffs didn’t have legal standing to bring the lawsuit...
  7. MeBelle

    Transgender man sues hospital for refusing to perform hysterectomy

    I thought this didn't happen anymore especially since we have Obama care! Transgender man sues hospital for refusing him a hysterectomy - NY Daily News
  8. Goofball

    Why are Hillary supporters refusing to accept the election?

    We were treated to numerous threads over the past few months telling us hoe Trump supporters would turn to violence if he lost. Now we see Hillary's minions doing just that. Irony.
  9. Kallie Knoetze

    Racist block sideway, refusing to let people of the wrong color pass

    I cannot believe this happens in the United States today: Berkeley protesters demand 'spaces of color,' harass white students trying to pass | Fox News
  10. The Man

    Swedish city sued after firing Muslim man for refusing to shake hands with women

    Swedish city sued after firing Muslim man for refusing to shake hands with women I am not sure what I think of this. Honestly... I think one shouldn't let one's religion guide one's everyday life to the point that it interferes with said life and makes others uncomfortable.
  11. Goofball

    Gotta love Hillary's excuse for refusing to speak with the State Dept IG.

    After she said several time publicly she would testify and answer any questions in any investigation into her emails, she refused to speak with Obama's appointed IG from the State Department. Her excuse....."I talked about all that in public". WTF? The video is fucking hilarious...
  12. The Man

    Man kills wife for refusing to celebrate Women's Day...

    Only in fucking Russia... A man in Omsk, in Siberia, apparently stabbed his wife to death this morning in their friends' home, after she said she won't celebrate with him and his friends anymore, because the guys were just getting drunk and so on, she thought he'd had quite enough vodka...
  13. meridian5455

    Today is the 60th Anniv of Rosa Parks refusing to give up her bus seat

    Rosa Parks: 60th Anniversary of Day She Refused to Give Up Bus Seat - ABC News But let's make it about Obama anyways, OK? Wouldn't a picture of Rosa Parks herself be a bit more appropriate? Just saying.
  14. aboutenough

    Christian bus driver fired after refusing to drive Calgary ‘Gay Pride bus’

    CALGARY, Alberta, September 11, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- A Calgary bus driver who is a faithful Christian and married father of two children has been fired from his job after stating publicly last week that he would refuse to drive a city bus decked out by his employer to promote the city’s Gay...
  15. meridian5455

    White House is refusing demands from governors for details on Syrians to be resettled

    In a call with senior Obama administration officials Tuesday evening, several governors demanded they be given access to information about Syrian refugees about to be resettled by the federal government in their states. Top White House officials refused. Over a dozen governors from both parties...
  16. aboutenough

    Christian daycare workers fired for refusing to call a little girl a boy

    HOUSTON, Texas — Two daycare workers have been fired for refusing to go along with the center’s transgender agenda.Madeline Kirksey, one of the workers who is an author of a Christian book, says her religious liberty rights have been violated. The two were fired after refusing to call a little...
  17. ptif219

    Christian Man Forced to Attend 'Diversity Training' for Refusing to Print Gay Pride T

    Once again gays have more authority than the first amendment. Democrats are out of control Christian Man Forced to Attend 'Diversity Training' for Refusing to Print Gay Pride T-Shirts
  18. allegoricalfact

    ‘Which side are you fighting for?’ Russia blasts US for refusing to share intel on IS

    Washington’s failure to share data with Russian intelligence about terrorist positions in Syria makes one question the goals that Americans have in their anti-ISIS campaign in Syria and Iraq, a senior Russian diplomat has said. The refusal to share intelligence on terrorists “just confirms once...
  19. mrmike

    Pope supports Davis refusing Gay Marriage Licenses

    Interesting... Govt workers have right to refuse gay marriage licenses -pope Pope Francis said on Monday government officials have a "human right" to refuse to discharge a duty, such as issuing marriage licenses to homosexuals, if they feel it violates their conscience. Speaking to...
  20. meridian5455

    Irate woman is kicked off plane for refusing to put her dog in pet carrier The old guy should have said he didn't know the woman.