1. Madeline

    Animal Abuser Registry Goes Live In My County

    Cuyahoga County animal abuse registry goes live in Cleveland - Cleveland 19 News Cleveland, OH There is only one person now listed on the registry, which obviously limits its value. But it appears not to be searchable as a map, the way a sex offender registry would be. I'm not sure if it is a...
  2. Madeline

    Yet Another Offender Registry For Ex-Cons Proposed

    Mom of murdered Ohio college student pushes for violent criminal - Cleveland 19 News Cleveland, OH I am willing to support virtually any crime-fighting tool that deters violent crime, but I am hesitant to endorse this one. Sex offender registries may have actually caused more crime, because...
  3. the watchman

    Obama’s team cancels Muslim registry to foil Trump’s ‘extreme vetting’ plans.

    The Obama administration rushed Thursday to cancel a program set up in the wake of Sept. 11 to track and deport illegal immigrant Muslim and Arab men, hoping to hinder President-elect Donald Trump’s plans to impose “extreme vetting” on Muslim visitors. Civil rights and immigrant groups...
  4. cpicturetaker12

    #2Trump son to Arab on flight, Come on, you really think we'll have a Muslim registry

    Well, isn't this interesting? The 'JUST KIDDING' phase of the Trump presidency. Nah, we're not really going to do that. Not to worry. We just had to tell the DUMBASS VOTERS that. Can you say "disassemble"? Eric Trump to Arab-American comic: Come on, you really think we'll have a Muslim...
  5. The Man

    Drone Registry

    TASS: Russian Politics & Diplomacy - New Russian law obliges to register toy drones, radio-controlled aircraft mockups Article on passing of the registry law back in December: TASS: Society & Culture - Russian State Duma passes law binding to register drones weighing more than 250g Flying...
  6. vikingbeast

    The Trump Registry

    BAHAHAHAHA! You see Trump wants to have a national Muslim registry? Even Senator Pablo Cruz from Texas thinks that idea is hosed. I live in Ohio. Marauding Muslims are the least of my worries. I'm more likely to be bitten by a rabid deer. Or a drunken Baptist. President Trump is going to be...
  7. Sgt Meowenstein

    LaPierre: Background checks, registry won't make people safe

    Right. Background checks = bad. Somebody should tell the 1999 LaPierre that. The one who supported background checks. His points about mental health and armed guards at schools? What is the percentage of gun violence attributed to mentally ill people, and what percentage of gun violence...
  8. M

    Obama Sponsors Fingerprint Registry Bill

    Here................ No police state here.