1. Friday13

    No CEO should earn 1,000 times more than a regular employee

    This CEO makes 900 times more than company's typical employee This CEO makes 900 times more than company's typical employee
  2. BoiseBo

    Pope is sneaking out of Vatican at night.. dressed as a regular priest to visit poor!

    I don't care what you say about this Pope, he's cool! Pope Francis 'sneaking out of Vatican at night to give money to poor' | Mail Online
  3. jackalope

    Democrats are now the regular guys, and conservatives are the weirdos.

    And that ties in nicely with Bobby Jindal saying it's time for Republicans to stop being the stupid party. Various and assorted characters propped up by the Republicans over the last decade has turned them into a cartoon freak show. Republicans ARE the weirdos. No, not all of them. But as...
  4. Mertex

    Romney - just a regular guy?

    Once again Mitt Romney and his wife Ann, who want Americans to think that they are closer to regular folks than the media paints them out to be, let their guard down and showed us just how far removed they are from the middle class. You would think that in this economy, Ann Romney would be...
  5. Vortex

    Texas judge's daughter: Violence was regular occurrence

    Texas judge's daughter: Violence was regular occurrence - Dallas (CNN) -- A woman who launched a firestorm by posting a 2004 video of her father, a Texas judge, beating her on the Internet said Thursday that violence was a regular occurrence in her family home. "It did happen...
  6. G

    H1N1 Killing More Children Than Regular Flu

    CDC: 76 children dead of swine flu as cases rise ATLANTA – Health officials said Friday that 76 children have died of swine flu, including 16 new reports in the past week — more evidence the new virus is unusually dangerous in kids. The regular flu kills between 46 and 88 children a...
  7. B

    Hillary's just regular folk

    Having a shot and a beer... YouTube - Hillary Bellies Up To The Bar (CBS News) Damn, she seems really down to earth and real. Not like that fancy pants Obama and his wine and can't even bowl.