1. H

    Politics in Religion?

    Half of this is something I have come to realize about people's roles in the church, and the other is some simple speculation that I am just toying with. Part 1: It seems that a lot of people want the "church", organized body, to set a political mandate or platform that will solve all of...
  2. kmiller1610

    The Re-defining religion thread

    I realize I have been driving some of you crazy bringing my "it's a religion" idea into too many threads. So I have made the personal commitment to pursue the idea through more limited venues. My interest in political artillery matches is really waning, while this topic is one I find quite...
  3. K

    Politics and Religion On all forums. Why is this?

    Does religion have that much impact on the policies of nations around the world? Does a persons faith and belief change the way they view the politics of world? Do you believe that religion has to much influence on politics? Do you think there should be more or less of this?
  4. E

    Religion: A fairy tale for grownups

    Let's beat around the bush a little: When you were young, were you afraid of the boogie man? Perhaps you behaved particularly well the week before Christmas? In short, were you another normal kid? Probably. Does that mean you still check under the bed at night? Or do you still write letters...
  5. A

    Does religion control your actions?

    Seeing as I am not religious I never feel tied back from something because of my denomination. Whether people believe it or not, no matter what you do, all of your actions are dictated by your denomination. Its as simple as that. I dont know why this is but it just happens. I never feel inclined...
  6. K

    is there a purpose for organized religion anymore?

    considering when most of the major religions texts were written we have advanced. I look at religion and see superstition and fantasy. i hear people tell me how prayers were answered and think of how many prayers were said that went unanswered before. religion is separatist. we see this in all...
  7. A

    The Danger of Religion Stifling Enlightenment

    American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, in a speech he gave to the Beyond Belief Symposium, 2006, talked about the 'naming rights' which are naturally assumed by peoples and societies at the vanguard of scientific discovery. In particular, he drew attention to the extraordinarily fertile...
  8. M

    What Weird Religion Is This?

    At work, about once every two weeks, I see 3 Afro-American women who are some weird religion, but no one knows what they are and people are afraid to walk up to them and say "What are you?" They wear dresses that go to the floor, the shoulders are sometimes all "Poofy" like those country...
  9. C

    What religion do you consider yourself?

    I'm just wondering and I want to get a better understanding of where everyone is coming from... What religion do you consider yourself?
  10. S

    Religion, source of craziness ? Mental illness on religious and philosophical background

    Is it possible that religion is causing psychoses ? Is it possible that the same is doing philosophy ? Is it possible that religion is one big false and philosophy contains only nonsenses ? lately appeared new theory which is connecting religion and philosophy with mental illness, it is...
  11. Bluegrass

    Are 12 Step Groups Religion?

    It seems there are so many divisive issues out there that contain vast amounts of distortion on both sides of the argument. 12 Step groups are no exception, and being that many of us know people in them, some know more about these programs than others. What is evident, imo, that like anything...
  12. M

    The Religion of Mosheh Thezion

    OK. Now defend it.
  13. G

    What religion are you?

    Take the test and then post your results. I added my "Top Ten" 1. Liberal Quakers (100%) 2. Unitarian Universalism (94%) 3. Reform Judaism (92%) 4. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (88%)...
  14. M

    Poll: Which religion is the true religion?

    I'm just a bit curious about which one will "win". Over the next few days, I shall reveal my intentions for doing this poll. And, I realize science isn't a religion, but it is a factor in many peoples opinion of religion.
  15. M

    Is it real religion?

    Hi, guys, Who can tell me what's real religion? Have you heard of Falun Gong which come from China? The creationer is named Li Hongzhi. It combines Chinese qigong with person's worship. I have a friend who is a Falun Gong practitioner. But when she got ill, she always takes no medicine, see no...