1. D

    Confusion continues as immigrant children remain separated from parents

    Confusion continues as immigrant children remain separated from parents By Mark Osborne, GENEVA SANDS and IGNACIO TORRES ################################################################################ So, Trump's plan is not working out after all as many had hoped. They don't know...
  2. Darkman

    Netanyahu Tells UN Chief: Golan Will Remain Israel's Forever

    Netanyahu Tells UN Chief: Golan Will Remain Israel's Forever Reiterating past comments, Netanyahu added that Israel would act against any Iranian attempt to build bases in Syria Noa Landau (Munich) Feb 16, 2018 4:28 PM...
  3. D

    Trump's white supremacist immigration bill goes down in flames, but Dreamers remain u

    Trump's white supremacist immigration bill goes down in flames, but Dreamers remain unprotected By Joan McCarter ==================================================== Indeed, Republicans are not in Trump's camp on his extremist policies on DREAMers and Immigrants. That's why the bill...
  4. C

    Dossier’s 10 core collusion accusations remain unverified 20 months later As the dossier today takes on even more importance, The Washington Times identified Mr. Steele’s 10 core collusion accusations. The analysis includes the charges’ status, 20 months after Mr...
  5. Devil505

    Should a sitting President be able to plead the 5th and remain as president?

    How about .....Should a sitting President be able to defy a subpoena and remain the chief law enforcement officer in the land? (I say No to both) Edit: Could staff change the 2nd option to just say "Yes"
  6. D

    Trump sexual misconduct allegations 'remain very disturbing': Republican senator

    Trump sexual misconduct allegations 'remain very disturbing': Republican senator - ABC News By ELLIE SMITH ==================================================== Senator Collins, a Republican, is indeed disturbed with Trump and what some women have brought forward.
  7. The Man

    Sons of Russian spies fight to remain Canadian

    Alex and Tim Vavilov Much more: The Russian spies who raised us Also: Why the Vavilov children - the sons of Russian spies - qualify as Canadian According to the first article, the spy couple have been well rewarded for their long undercover career, with lucrative jobs at Russia's...
  8. Devil505

    How long will Trump remain President?

    My guess is he won't last a year. Your?
  9. C

    Only 24.5 Million People Remain in Kyiv-Controlled Portions of Ukraine

    Window on Eurasia -- New Series: A Baker?s Double Dozen of Neglected Russian Stories ? No. 80 Remember: population of Ukraine was 52 millions 1991.
  10. bajisima

    Ford cancels plans for Mexico move, decides to remain in Michigan

    Ford Motor said on Tuesday it plans to cancel a new $1.6 billion plant in Mexico, and instead invest $700 million in Flat Rock, Michigan. Ford canceling plans for $1.6 billion plant in Mexico, investing $700 million in Michigan expansion instead
  11. cpicturetaker12

    Trump will remain EXEC. PRODUCER of Celebrity Apprentice (with biz. partner 'ARNOLD')

    Well we can't let being President of the United States job get in the way of his 'day job' or is it is his night job or whichever. You know he has to keep that extra revenue streaming coming in. After all the PRES only makes about $500k a year (or less). Guess we have to pin VARIETY to our...
  12. D

    North Carolina's 'Anti-LGBT' Bill Likely to Remain Despite Election of Democratic Gov

    Given that way over half of voters in the State of North Carolina disapprove of the "Anti-LGBT" bill, that should open the sleepy eyes of Republicans in that state to repeal that dastardly, discriminatory, prejudiced and bigoted law that has ended up costing their state MILLIONS of dollars with...
  13. bajisima

    Carrier to remain in the US

    The incoming Trump Administration and United Technologies (UTX) have reached an agreement that will keep close to 1,000 jobs at Carrier Corp., which is owned by UTX, in Indiana. Carrier had planned to move production from a key factory in that state to Mexico, taking with it the roughly 1,400...
  14. GordonGecko

    As Truimp breaks his campaign promises, yet his supporters remain loyal...we see

    an analysis of why HIS BASE "supported" him is true. It boiled down to three things- 1. Cult of personality. That percent of the Trump supporters who idolize the man himself, regardless of policy. Exactly as "cult of personality" is defined. 2. Hillary hatred. A rabid Jack...
  15. DebateDrone

    Melania Trump will Remain In NYC until AFTER the school year...

    That means no weekday punny for the President. Does that put us at higher risk for Nuclear Holocaust? Melania Trump and son may stay in NYC for now At least America will save on Donald's Viagra prescription cost.
  16. the watchman

    Mayor Emanuel says Chicago will remain a sanctuary city.

    it's about a 30 second read. So, I'll just highlight something I found very concerning. Mayor Emanuel says Chicago will remain a sanctuary city | somehow I don't think Trump hiring on a white nationalist is helping here.
  17. D

    Trump's Tax Returns Remain Mystery as Election Day Looms

    Even at the eleventh hour Donald Trump STILL has not released his tax returns as Hillary Clinton has done some time ago. He even said, at one point, that he would if he ran for president. Legal experts have revealed that he may certainly release his tax return yet he continues to hold on to them...
  18. bajisima

    Americans remain gloomy about the economy

    Americans, Japanese and many Europeans are glum about their national economies. By contrast, Chinese, Indians and Australians feel positive about theirs. Those are among the findings from a survey released Tuesday of 20,132 people in 16 countries by the Pew Research Center. Just 44 percent of...
  19. Minotaur

    Bernie Holdouts Remain A Purpose Without Power

    By that I mean this: White Noise Movements: Independents always held the power to decide the elections. Whoever they voted for seemed to be a true reflection of neutrality because the winner was any of the two parties. After Bush there was an influx of republicans joining and they screwed up...
  20. D

    Sanders Says He’ll Vote for Clinton But Will Remain in the Race

    While it is good to hear Sanders say that he plans to vote for Clinton in November, his wanting to force her into a corner to go with his extreme leftist agenda is not going to work. I doubt that Hillary will compromise much on anything he has to offer because she is pragmatic and one who firmly...