1. Mister B

    Remember When Obama Cancelled A Putin One On One Summit?

    Due to increased tensions and Russia granting asylum to Edward Snowdon? Of only we had a President with balls today. He would demand the Russian military spies be turned over for extradition and trial. Following a careful review...
  2. CEngelbrecht

    Remember Little Lovely Inge Youngest individual Olympic medalist in history, 12 years old. No Nazi salute at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.
  3. Mister B

    Remember Jade Helm?

    A recent search of the forum found it was a popular topic of the extremist right a few years ago. This thread is especially hilarious. Turns out that, once again, morons fell for fake news...
  4. TennesseeRain

    Remember that time Conservatives went nuts when Obama said, "Corpse-Man?"

    Yeah. Shut up forever: It was my great honor to deliver a message at the Marine Core Air Station Miramar to our GREAT U.S. Military, straight from the heart of the American People: We support you, we thank you, we love you - and we will always have your back! - Twitler
  5. Mister B

    Remember Maria Butina?

    She's the Russian operative I mentioned the other day...Where President Trump praised the virtues of Vladimir Putin and promised to repeal all sanctions? This was at a conservative gathering that Trump attended back in 2015. In a new...
  6. Devil505

    Always remember: The positive numbers extolling our economy come directly from Trump.

    You are now loosing real money because of Trump's biggest scam.
  7. cpicturetaker12

    REMEMBER: Trump budget SPECIFICS cut Amtrak by $630mil, ALL transp budgets by 13%

    This is likely to be a 'speed disaster' (I'm thinking with some other mitigating factor -??). We'll see! But there are 2 things to remember. Just a few months ago Trump called for $630million to be cut from Amtrak subsidies. If our infrastructure is CRUMBLING does that mean roads and bridges...
  8. cpicturetaker12

    TRUMP: I remember you, you're the "C*NT from the airplane".

    TRUMP: I remember you, you're that "C*NT from the airplane". I just listened on Megyn Kelly's show the entire narrative of this woman's story. All 3 women were smart, poised, articulate, didn't know each other, from different states, even different generations, and all had the SAME TRUMP MO...
  9. CEngelbrecht

    The name of that game you use to play but now can't remember the name of

    What's this game? I played it I think in the 90s on PC. It was a game I used to borrow from my local library, and I kept playing it untill the CD-ROM was ruined. It was a WWII flight simulator of sorts, but it was turn based. You conducted squadron flight missions over Europe, and you gradually...
  10. DemoWhip

    This Thanksgiving, remember the immigrant hands that feed America

    This Thanksgiving, remember the immigrant hands that feed America By Gabe Ortiz ==================================================== That is really good Food For Thought, Thanks and ACTION! How often do we simply take advantage of the hard...
  11. vikingbeast

    The Wall, Yes, Remember the Wall?

    How's it coming?
  12. cpicturetaker12

    As the REMEMBER this is ONLY the opening salvo in TRUMPGATE

    REMEMBER this is ONLY the opening salvo in TRUMPGATE Busy day but remember the basics. Papadopoulos pled guilty to COLLUSION and is COOPERATING with Mueller. And this was kept quiet for weeks. No leaking. Manafort was arrested--zero surprise, but follow the money and the Russians. No one is...
  13. PACE

    remember this name Barbara Ledeen Barbara ledeen works for the Senate Judiciary Committee, for Chuck Grassley, she was launching her own investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails, while being a staffer. Soooo, Chuck...
  14. DemoWhip

    Remember when Republicans rolled back Obama's rule to stop the mentally ill from buyi

    Remember when Republicans rolled back Obama's rule to stop the mentally ill from buying guns? By Joan McCarter ---------------------------------------- And Now the Blood Of Many Innocent People Is Entirely On Republican's Hands. Period.
  15. Macduff

    Remember Valerie Plame Wilson?

    Remember how the left told us what a hero she was and how much integrity she has?
  16. jacobfitcher

    Remember Brock Turner?

    Someone posted this on my FB wall. It's from their Criminal Justice 101 textbook:
  17. R

    Why ANTIFA are dangerous - remember the Reign of Terror

    Folks need to not forget the violent history of the radical left as shown in the French Revolution; if ANTIFA achieved their "ideal vision" for America, they wouldn't hesitate to bring back the guillotine and start rounding up anyone they deem is too "white/straight/male/rich/cis/privilidged/etc...
  18. Devil505

    Remember these bastards!

    A simple majority vote on a partial repeal of Obamacare failed. Better Care Reconciliation Act 1. Repeal and replace amendment Procedural vote failed on Tuesday YES NO Republicans 43 9 Democrats 0 48 Total 43 57 Obamacare Repeal and Reconciliation Act 2. Partial repeal amendment...
  19. Spookycolt

    Mueller is going to bust Hillary for collusion. Remember this?

    Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire - POLITICO Hillary and the DNC are in big, big trouble.
  20. Kallie Knoetze

    Remember back when liberals were saying President Trump's immigration policies

    would destroy international travel to the US? Do liberals ever get tired of being wrong?