1. cpicturetaker12

    FBI AGT STROZK, 'Hillary lover' wrote the memo getting her email investig'n reopened!

    Wait, wait, wait! But he and his lover loved Hillary. How can this be? He's a partisan for Hillary. I'm so confused? What a fucking ZOO! FBI agent Peter Strzok wrote the first draft of Comey letter reopening Clinton email investigation ELIZABETH PREZA 31 JAN 2018 AT 16:56 ET Peter...
  2. M

    Jewish Genocide Thread Re-opened

    What's with the censorship. I wonder if the mods are afraid their sheeple members might learn something. Is this section not labeled "Civil Rights?" Or did they forget to leave out, "Only One Side Allowed." In a true debate about civil rights, shouldn't points of view both for or possibly...
  3. Seraphima

    Abortion debate reopened in Canada

    How the abortion debate has reared its head in Parliament - Canada - CBC News Some background for Americans... Canada doesn't have any laws/legal restrictions on abortion because the former laws were struck down as unconstitutional in 1988 (R. v. Morgentaler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)...
  4. michaelr

    Bruce Ivins' attorney calls for case to be re-opened

    Bruce Ivins' attorney calls for case to be re-opened They pinned this on a dead man, with no evidence, and they hide the fact that he did not have access to the anthrax. I do know who did this, and I know why. 911 part deux.
  5. Blueneck

    DOJ unit wants CIA abuse cases reopened

    My hope is that this will lead to some accountability.