1. Djinn

    Report: 300 Muslim Imams Sexually Abused Over 1000 Children Statewide

    So, obviously this didn't happen. Holy shit - could you imagine the uproar??? We would demand to know how these Muslim Imams were radicalized. We'd want to know WHY the Muslim congregants were complicit in their silence. We'd demand to know WHY the moderate Muslims didn't speak up, and put...
  2. T

    Report: Top Trump donor agreed to pay Michael Cohen $10M to promote nuclear power pro

    Great work if you can get it, right? $10,000,000 for, well, I guess knowing the president? Perhaps calling him and asking him to approve this? Promote this? top contributor to President...
  3. the watchman

    Trump tweet storm came after learning Mueller wants to ask about obstruction: report

    President Trump's barrage of tweets Wednesday morning going after special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation reportedly came after the president learned that Mueller wants to ask him about obstruction of justice. ABC News, citing sources close to the White House, reported that...
  4. ptif219

    City report on Confederate monuments raises idea of renaming Austin

    More of democrats trying to hide their racists history
  5. Friday13

    GOP lawmaker dined with alleged Russian agent in DC: report

    Another GOPer ass clown who should be removed yesterday from any position in US Gov. GOP lawmaker dined with alleged Russian agent in DC: report
  6. J

    UN Report: 192 million global unemployment, good jobs very hard to find

    Lack of GOOD paying jobs is not just an American problem - it's a global one.
  7. rwb72

    Meet the Press Tariff Report Very Questionable

    This morning Meet the Press host Chuck Todd went to some great lengths to disparage President Trump's tariff plans. As is characteristic of Meet the Press (aka meet the Trump Bashers) a presentation, complete with pictures and numbers, gave a dismal view of the tariff situation with respect to...
  8. L

    Aides caught unaware of Trump’s personal phone call to Trudeau: report

    BY JOHN BOWDEN - 07/07/18 10:48 AM EDT White House aides were reportedly caught off guard by President Trump's informal phone calls with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, learning about the call only after Canada's foreign ministry published a readout. The Washington Post reports...
  9. ptif219

    Jobs Report Shows Booming Employment: Dems Call Growth ‘Reckless’

    The democrats once again show they put party over country. All Americans should be happy we are out of Obama's stagnant economy. We now have record low unemployment for Blacks and Hispanics. The democrats show their fake hysteria because they know this means they will lose votes of...
  10. Goofball

    Dems blast booming jobs report as "reckless".

    What a bunch of fucking morons. No plan for America, just bitching and whining about a booming economy. I guess they have one thing is reckless to their agenda. There you have it folks, the economically illiterate Nanny Pelousy thinks jobs being created only helps...
  11. Dittohead not!

    Climate Change Scrubbed from Gov’t Report on Health and Climate Change

    Climate Change Scrubbed from Gov’t Report on Health and Climate Change This is a site that invites you to contact your reps. You will have to sign up if you want to do so.
  12. BDBoop

    Report quantifies Michigan's very real gerrymandering problem

    WUOMFM Morning Edition I don't know what the solution is. I do know that Holder and Obama are working on it. I HOPE that gerrymandering is ended, just like the EC. I see no good purpose being served.
  13. L

    Trump admin tightens media access for federal scientists: report

    BY ALI BRELAND - 06/21/18 06:14 PM EDT The Trump administration is directing federal scientists in the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to get approval from the Department of the Interior, its parent agency, before speaking to reporters, according to the Los Angeles Times. snip Deputy...
  14. excalibur

    The IG Report Should End Mueller’s Obstruction Investigation

    Of course there never was any obstruction of justice to begin with, that was fantasy, as that involves some aspect of the judicial power as pointed out in the USAM and in my signature. The IG Report Should End Mueller’s Obstruction Investigation...
  15. Mister B

    Another Lie From the Drudge Report!

    Yesterday's headline: The only problem is the photograph came from here: With the caption: Christiaan TriebertFollow Azaz, SyriaFour young Syrian boys with toy guns are posing in front of my camera during my visit to Azaz...
  16. Crusher

    Trey Gowdy - Interview After He Read the IG Report - Video That is an information filled interview! Trey Gowdy had remained uncommitted as he waited for the IG Report. Now that he has read it, the guy is livid with the top levels of the FBI and how they conducted themselves. He...
  17. Goofball

    For Trump supporters, IG Report amounts to "I told you so".

    And yet Dims are claiming there was nothing nefarious going on.... Even lefty CBS News is finally forced to face reality.
  18. Goofball

    IG Report: Obama lied about knowledge of Hillary's home brew email server.

    Of course, the lamestream media is ignoring this little tidbit.... Obama?s silky lie and FBI bias in the Clinton investigation - Chicago Tribune
  19. cpicturetaker12

    FROM THE DOJ REPORT: Transcript Clinton & Lynch's tarmac meeting...

    I can assume when CLINTON was interviewed by the DOJ, they had the right to ask him to raise his hand. If they had any questions about the veracity of his statements, they could have called him back in and had him raise his hand in a second round of questioning. Sometimes a cigar is just a...
  20. excalibur

    The IG’s Report May Be Half-Baked

    And reading only the executive summary is misleading. But who knows? You’ve got to hand it to Michael Horowitz: The Justice Department inspector general’s much-anticipated report on the Clinton-emails investigation may be half-baked, but if it is, it is the most comprehensive, meticulously...