1. Spookycolt

    Mark Zuckerberg denied he was a reptilian almost one year ago today......

    But we have long will we let this invasion continue? Obama ignored it and now Trump seems to be also. There is no greater threat to our planet than this.
  2. A

    Sarah Palin. Hitled-allied reptilian from Nibiru

    Guys, I've got something you definitely gonna like! Iron Sky 2 is an upcoming documentary revealing the secrets of Republican party and Sarah Palin. We could have awaited her to be a reptilian (who else would say "We don't need to fundamentally transform...
  3. B

    Nine foot tall reptilian ate my donkey alive.

    this site has become an epic fail
  4. L

    Dick Cheney Reptilian?

    I'm new here, and before anyone asks, yes I believe David Icke. I've been in enough arguements over it, but I've also read a lot on it, and I find a lot of it to hold ground. I found an audio file of David Icke in an interview where he is talking about Cheney being as cold and ruthless as a...