1. The Man

    Three European journalists killed in Central Africa Republic ambush

    Three European journalists killed in Central Africa Republic ambush Among the dead is Orkhan Jemal Very prominent member of the Russian Azerbaijani community, famous journalist like his father, Heydar Jemal, who covered the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria and elsewhere as a war correspondent...
  2. Southern Dad

    Republic Steel - Canton, OH - 80 Good Paying Jobs - Thank You, Trump

    Good paying jobs with benefits coming back to this country. Thank you, Trump.
  3. excalibur

    Arizona Republic Corrects ‘Lost Kids’ Article

    Oops! Arizona Republic Corrects Misleading ‘Lost Kids’ Article Arizona Republic Corrects Misleading ‘Lost Kids’ Article
  4. bajisima

    China snatches Dominican Republic from Taiwan in diplomatic blow

    The Dominican Republic has announced it has severed ties with Taiwan and switched its allegiance to China, reducing the number of countries with formal relations with the government in Taipei to fewer than 20. In a hastily arranged ceremony, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his...
  5. ProgressivePatriot

    Christian Dominionism-The Real Threat to Our Secular Republic

    Conservative xenophobes and conspiracy neurotics are wringing their hands, and lamenting the rise of Islam in our country, which they claim will bring about the implementation of Sharia law. However, whether out of ignorance or the belief that religious freedom and the first amendment does...
  6. BYG Jacob

    The Arizona Republic responds to the threats

    How do we respond to threats after our endorsement?
  7. DemoWhip

    AZ Republic endorses Paul Penzone for Maricopa County sheriff

    Looks like they've finally had their fill and enough of Arpaio in Maricopa County! KUDOS to The Arizona Republic for endorsing his opponent, a Democrat, and for endorsing Hillary Clinton for President! With all that's been going on with Arpaio and the mega bucks he has cost the county it should...
  8. Dittohead not!

    Brexit, Texit, Yes California and Second Vermont Republic

    read the rest Seems we once fought a civil war over this issue, but that was a long time ago. Should states be allowed to leave the union and go their own way?
  9. aboutenough

    The Founders Warned Us: With Loss of Virtue Comes Loss of Our Republic

    “If You Can Keep It: The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty.” Now, in order to find the answer to this question, we have to go back 229 years, to 1787. Having won the American Revolution, our founders went about creating a new form of government—one that would be strong, but not TOO strong...
  10. TNVolunteer73

    Has this time come for our Republic?

    have we reached the beginning of downfall of our nation because people think money from the government is free?
  11. The Man

    "Mrs. World" recognizes rebel republic?

    You guys, of course, have no idea, and I don't blame you, but you can bet Russians, Ukrainians, and those in the separatist "People's Republics" have noticed: There is a lady competing in the "Mrs. World" pageant this year listed as a delegate from "Lugansk" (not Ukraine, there is a separate...
  12. meridian5455

    Charlie Rangel: Donald Trump ‘could be the end of the republic as we know it’

    Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., is horrified when he looks at the Republican presidential field. Rangel, the second longest serving member of the House of Representatives, absolutely unloaded on the GOP candidates in an extensive interview Yahoo News conducted in his office last week. He claimed...
  13. NightSwimmer

    Jackbooted State of Texas Thugs Raid Republic of Texas Congressional Meeting

    Must be something in the water out there... Or in the dust? ;) Secede? Separatists Claim Texas Never Joined United States By Manny Fernandez NYT HOUSTON — The Republic of Texas is unlike any other volunteer organization in what used to be the Republic of Texas. Its monthly...
  14. G

    Rick Perry ramps up Texas Gov. Rick Perry is inviting hundreds of prominent Republic

    Somebody would have to be a complete idiot to give this man a nickel...
  15. The Man

    Ex-Soviet republic recognizes same sex marriage!

    BBC News - Estonia first ex-Soviet state to legalise gay marriage Back in 2007, Estonian government moved a prominent Red Army monument, the Bronze Soldier, from Tallinn's central square to a more modest location, at a military cemetery This set off a firestorm of riots in ethnic Russian...
  16. Toldyaso

    More Banana Republic IRS Bull:IRS Seizes Assets to PARENTS' Debts

    More Banana Republic IRS Bull:IRS Seizes Assets to Pay PARENTS' Debts Yeah,I know; it didn't seem possible that the proven liars, political hacks,and incompetent idiots at the Obama Adm. IRS could not get any worse...right? WRONG !!! It now appears that the IRS has decided it can seize...
  17. The Man

    People's Republic of Kharkov lol Sounds about right :D
  18. Tedminator

    UN authorizes use of force in Central African Republic

    Clashes in Central African Republic as UN authorises French intervention | World news | A major French military intervention in the Central African Republic(CAR) is expected within days after the UN security council authorised French and African troops Thursday to use force to...
  19. meridian5455

    America has gone from government of laws to semi-political banana republic

    The rule of law has been replaced in Washington by "yes we can." The events we witnessed Thursday in the Senate, that is Majority Leader Harry Reid's success at invoking the so-called 'nuclear option,' stripping the minority party of its primary power to block nominations, have become a stunning...
  20. Old Ridge Runner

    The New Republic Calls for Obama to Disolve Congress

    Two Russians Walk Into a Parliamentary Crisis... | New Republic This is typical of the left. if it gets in the way of our agenda get rid of it. In this case they want to get rid of the Congress and the Constitution. This is what Julia Ioffe and the New Republic is actually calling for. ORR