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    Republicanism and Revolution in America

    It's interesting to compare Reagan and dubya. Reagan was mentally incompetent and dubya was intellectually dismal, but at least Alzheimer’s Ronny could learn his lines. That was beyond dubya. It is interesting to compare them historically to Louis XV of France and George III of Britain...
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    Republicanism and the national question

    An article here on the blog for Republic -the campaign for an elected head of state- that starts off as an investigation of the Duchy of Cornwall and its relationship to the territory and people of Cornwall, but which soon develops (via the comments section) into a debate on republicanism and...
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    Retreat of the idealogues: How Radical Republicanism has failed to sway America

    This morning, while reading the local paper (and eating my breakfast at the local diner), I happened upon an article, co-authored by Thomas Sowell, decrying partisanship in politics. The article, in today's Contra-Costa Times, declaims the virtues of being more like Joe Lieberman and less like...