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    Requiem for Mike Brown

    Outstanding.... Michael Brown protesters interrupt St. Louis Symphony Orchestra concert : News Michael Brown protesters interrupted the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra's concert on Saturday night, causing a brief delay in the performance at Powell Symphony Hall. The orchestra and chorus were...
  3. nonsqtr

    requiem for the dollar

    Here is an article well worth reading. It's from the WSJ a couple days ago. We all know the dollar is in trouble, but this article give some essential context and perspective, on...
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    Requiem for the Honeybee

    Neoniccotinoid insecticides used in seed dressing may be responsible for the collapse of honeybee colonies Prof. Joe Cummins | April 24, 2007 Neonicotinoid insecticides are harmful to the honeybee There has been a great deal of concern over the decline of the honeybee across the US, Europe...