1. rwb72

    Should Mail Voting Be Abolished ? Citizenship Proof Required ?

    These are the 2 questions of this OP. I find it quite amazing that Republicans who are running for some political office in November are not up in arms over voting methodology. As it appears right now, ANYBODY in the world could vote in the 2018 election, whether they are a citizen of the USA...
  2. cpicturetaker12

    VIDEO: Moore supporter goes dumb when told NO BIBLE required for swearing into offic

    I knew this BUT had forgotten. No religious text. No bible. Constitution says NO SUCH THING. Personally, I would use the CONSTITUTION to be sworn in on, state or US as applicable. I think it would be the MOST fitting to an oath I was sworn to uphold. You Don’t Need to Take an Oath on a...
  3. boontito

    Semi Truck Drivers Protest Required Switch To Electronic Logging Devices

    It didn't really make the big news, but it looks like a few semi trucks protested on Highway 99 in at least two spots, Seattle and Sacramento. Driving excessively slow and blocking traffic. Wonder how this ties in with the criticism of protesters on foot who block roads and delay people...
  4. knight

    Ga Dr's required to have additional training....

    ...on prescribing opioids. Pain medication is such a widely abused drug that this is very much needed. I totally support any crackdown in this area. The people who legitimately need these medications are victims of the addicts, they have a harder time getting the meds they need because lowlife...
  5. cpicturetaker12

    ALL officials required by LAW in OKLA must refer to ABORTION as MURDER...

    WOW! How far down will they extend the change of language? So does each OB/GYN who performs an abortion and records it in their patient medical records have to say murder on such a such a date? Patient presented 4 weeks pregnant requested a murder. All stats are reported to various agencies...
  6. cpicturetaker12

    TEXAS INSANITY: Drs. required to provide FUNERALS for abortions or miscarriages!

    This is FUCKING MISOGYNISTIC MANIPULATIVE PUNITIVE BULLSHIT! So how much will an abortion cost NOW? Even the doctors are outraged. *Assess Your Resources. You do not want to add to the stress of unmanageable funeral, burial, or cremation costs. The average funeral cost is between $3,500 and...
  7. cpicturetaker12

    FOX: 10 pts. in Tantaros suit includes women required to dress/undress in the open

    Well, it I put the 9 or 10 pts. here as stated by the article, I'd get 'warned' again for C&P'g too much. So include up to 4 which the title refers to. The rest you'll have to read. TANTAROS was right. It was a sex-fueled misogynistic HOSTILE as hell workplace. Frat houses aren't this...
  8. meridian5455

    An ID is required to pick up kids stuck at school in Los Angeles

    According to the LA School Police: Parents/Guardians please bring proper ID when picking up your child at school. They will be required. How are people who can't get proper ID to vote supposed to get their kids from school in L.A. now?
  9. B

    Should People Be Required To Obtain A Parenting License In Order To Have A Child?

    Sustainability. Suitability. Safety. Firstly please understand that human beings are NOT in short supply in the world. There are a vast amount of people in the U.K. Who are unemployed and who have more than 1 child. These people are taking money out of the working populace's pocket to pay for...
  10. B

    Should The Rich Be Required To Pay Higher Taxes In the US?

    While a lot of rich people will argue they earned and worked hard for their money, let's realize that they were also more fortunate. Millionaires have enough money to pay off their expenses, and then have insane surpluses for their own comforts. Why do they deserve those comforts while people...
  11. M

    Should companies that use "American" be required to produce their goods in America?

    I feel that companies like "American Eagle" shouldn't be allowed to call themselves American if they base all of their factories in Mexico. Its misleading and taking advantage of the American name.
  12. Devil505

    Should police body-cameras be required?

    Michael Brown's family is calling for this and I have no problem with it. Thoughts?
  13. godlessheathen

    The Amount of Patience Required for Law Enforcement is Astounding

    I can't imagine not losing my fucking mind on people like this, I suppose that's why I'm not a cop. This is why I can't get down with the police bashing. Look at what...
  14. Use Caution

    Bank of America Reaches $16.65 Billion Mortgage Settlement. Beheadings are required

    Bank of America Reaches $16.65 Billion Mortgage Settlement. Bank of America and the Justice Department have a reached a record $16.65 billion settlement, capping the most sweeping federal investigation into the sale of troubled mortgages by a Wall Street bank since the 2008 financial crisis...
  15. jackalope

    UN Envoy: Israel May Be Required To Take Responsibility For Displaced In Gaza

    Will the US be shielding Israel, yet again, in the UN Security Council? Will Israel object to being held to obligations under the Geneva Conventions?
  16. C

    For anyone who still doesn't think there should be an IQ test required to vote:

    So, Gallup recently asked about 1,000 people how they would "fix" Congress. To say that some of the answers were...interesting would be an understatement: And those were just the criminally naïve answers. You can imagine what the galacticly stupid ones looked like. Or, if you can't, you can...
  17. meridian5455

    Protestors Marching Against North Carolina's Voter ID Law Required to Bring Photo ID

    Despite 75 percent of North Carolinians agreeing that some form of voter identification is necessary and eight out of 10 residents considering the law to be fair to all voters, there have been large protests in the state's capital against requiring voters to show a form of identification. While...
  18. Jets

    Community Service Required For Food Stamps In Michigan

    Michigan lawmakers pass bill requiring community service for those on welfare LANSING — State lawmakers passed bills Wednesday that would deny unemployment benefits to people who refuse to take drug tests required by employers. It also would require community service for people receiving...
  19. ptif219

    proof of citizenship required for Obamacare

    Did you know Obamacare requires you to fill out a huge application to see a doctor. Yo also need to show proof of citizenship. Here is my question. If they require ID for Obamacare how can they argue no ID to vote. This tells me the democrats just took away their argument for a...
  20. meridian5455

    Could women be required to register for a future draft?

    Defense Department's decision to end ban on women in combat may make draft registration co-ed - 2/25/2013 9:53:33 AM | Newser I wouldn't think there will be a draft in the foreseeable future, but if there is, this would be a consideration.