1. excalibur

    No Immunization Requirement for Refugees

    The stupid keeps getting worse from the feds. Measles Outbreak in Memphis Began at Mosque - Breitbart
  2. Spookycolt

    Maine Gov. Signs Bill Abolishing Permit Requirement for Concealed Carry

    Finally the nation is moving in the right direction. Even against massive opposition from liberals, the gun grabbers are losing this fight. With every state that passes this the safer the nation gets. Maine Gov. Signs Bill Abolishing Permit Requirement for Concealed Carry - Breitbart
  3. C

    Fremont man sues Nebraska over AA requirement

    A Fremont man is suing the state of Nebraska, saying his constitutional rights were violated when he was required to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings even though he objected to the organization's religious foundation. Marvin Sundquist, 43, of Fremont, was issued a probationary massage...
  4. TennesseeRain

    Judge spikes photo ID requirement for Pa. voters

    HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — A nearly 2-year-old requirement that almost all of Pennsylvania's 8.2 million voters must show photo identification before casting a ballot was struck down Friday by a state judge, setting the stage for a courtroom showdown before the state's highest court. Commonwealth...
  5. bajisima

    Medicare drops accredidation requirement for bariatric surgery

    New rules under Medicare and Medicaid have dropped the accredidation requirement for patients seeking bariatric surgery amongst the protests from surgeons and surgical groups. I would think this could be quite dangerous especially for a surgery like bariatric surgery. Stupid. Major surgical...
  6. Fred Garvin-MP

    Obama 'Strips The Work Requirement' Of The 1996 Welfare Reform Law By Exec Order

    And he violated the law doing it. This is terrible news. Obama under the radar with the help of the media not reporting has made it so people don't have to abide by the work requirements in order to receive temporary welfare benefits. He gutted welfare reform in other words. The 1996 Welfare...
  7. One

    Appeals court strikes health insurance requirement

    Appeals court strikes health insurance requirement - politics - White House - WASHINGTON — A federal appeals court panel on Friday struck down the requirement in President Barack Obama's health care overhaul package that virtually all Americans must carry health insurance or face...
  8. meridian5455

    Congress Repeals Unpopular Tax Reporting Requirement for Businesses

    The Senate voted overwhelmingly, 87-12, Tuesday to repeal an unpopular reporting requirement in the new health care reform bill that small business owners had said would impose a tsunami of paperwork had it gone into effect in 2012. The paperwork mandate would have required all businesses to...
  9. Singularity

    Federal Judge Rules Mandatory Insurance Requirement of Obamacare is Unconstitutional

    I've always had mixed feelings about this. There is value in ensuring that everybody is insured... every time somebody with no insurance and no other ability to pay goes to the Emergency Room, everyone else's bills go up to compensate, but the fact that the law gives people no choice in the...
  10. michaelr

    China raises reserve requirement ratio

    China raises reserve requirement ratio The ball is now in Obama and the feds court, they wanted China to raise their currency, they did. Now the question is, will the feds follow suite, will they raise the reserve ratio or even the prime rate.....hell no!
  11. michaelr

    Senators turn back ID requirement for immigrant healthcare

    Senators turn back ID requirement for immigrant healthcare Well gee, really, huh, I am an American, will I have to show ID??? How about a legal ID???
  12. S

    Health Care Plan requirement - POLL

    As part of the Presidents Health Care proposal would you support the following requirement. Upon implementation ALL federal employees, from the President on down would lose their current health care plan and be enrolled in the government plan and 8% of their salary would be paid into that...
  13. M

    Biofuel and land requirement

    The US consumes 640B liters (140B gallons) of gasoline per year. (, If we were to entirely replace gasoline with ethanol, how much land would we need? A...
  14. M

    US may waive Israeli visa requirement

    Israelis may no longer have to apply for visas to visit the US under bills before both houses of Congress. If the proposed legislation passes, it will clear the way for Israel to participate in the visa waiver program, which currently allows nationals from countries such as Britain, France and...