1. bajisima

    Superintendent accused of pooping on track resigns

    Holy jeez!! The school superintendent accused of repeatedly defecating on another high school's track has resigned. The Star-Ledger of Newark reports the Kenilworth school board accepted Thomas Tramaglini's resignation Thursday. In an email and voicemail sent to staff, the board said it...
  2. BDBoop

    Boris Johnson resigns

  3. BoiseBo

    Breaking: Scott Pruitt resigns!

    Well, that's one swamp monster - Only 20 or 30 to go!! :cool:
  4. The Man

    US ambassador to Estonia resigns

    Much more: US ambassador to Estonia resigns in frustration over Trump Estonia is a tiny country of about 1.3 million souls, a quarter of that - ethnic Russians, btw You may think it is not a very important place, but they have kinda been at the forefront of the confrontation with Russia for...
  5. John T Ford

    [GW202] Red Hen Owner Resigns from Community Volunteer Group

    LEXINGTON, Va. - Stephanie Wilkinson has resigned from her role with Main Street Lexington, a volunteer-based organization. Elizabeth Outland Branner, the president of the organization, accepted Wilkinson's resignation Tuesday morning. "Considering the events of the past weekend, Stephanie...
  6. Singularity

    Missouri governor resigns

    Massive break for the Missouri GOP. Probably a sign that Greitens knows he's going to jail for one reason or another and is hoping to be pardoned. If he had remained in office, he could've split the GOP base this fall and handed re-election to McCaskill. If McCaskill wins on her own...
  7. T

    NYT: Federal prisons director resigns amid Kushner, Sessions infighting on prison ref

    Caught between the 'possum and the man-boy, Trump's director of prisons resigned. Indeed, though the guy seems inherently qualified to hold the job, a rare trait in this administration, he was stymied by apparent dysfunction...
  8. The Man

    Last freely elected mayor resigns...

    Yekaterinburg Mayor Resigns Over Scrapping Of Direct Mayoral Elections Look through this thread about Roizman and all about this whole thing: No more elected mayors, that's it. Most Governors are now also appointed...
  9. Friday13

    Federal prisons chief Mark Inch abruptly resigns from job he took over in September

    Another one explanations. Trumptanic sinking...more rats abandoning ship. Federal prisons chief Mark Inch abruptly resigns from job he took over in September
  10. excalibur

    Eric Schneiderman Making Big News

  11. DebateDrone

    Who Is Jamie Allman? Conservative TV Host Resigns After Threatening Parkland Survivor

    Another loser bites the dust after threatening Parkland kid. Conservatives have a lack of control.
  12. DemoWhip

    Congressman resigns after sexual harassment allegations

    Congressman resigns after sexual harassment allegations By BENJAMIN SIEGEL ==================================================== Wow! It's getting to be that just about every time one turns around we hear a story like this about more members from Congress resigning over stuff. This...
  13. Friday13

    Trump birther appointee at DoD resigns

    Another one bites the dust... Trump appointee at Defense Department resigns after birther postings revealed
  14. Friday13

    ICE spokesman in SF resigns and slams Trump administration officials

    More lies from the Corrupt Trump Administration... ICE spokesman in SF resigns and slams Trump administration officials
  15. HayJenn

    Gary Cohn to Resign

    Gary D. Cohn, President Trump’s top economic adviser, plans to resign, becoming the latest in a series of high-profile departures from the Trump administration, White House officials said on Tuesday.The officials insisted there was no single factor behind the departure of Mr. Cohn, who heads the...
  16. Darkman

    Crooked mayor ("rising Democratic star") resigns after affair, pleads guilty to theft

    Nashville mayor resigns after pleading guilty to felony theft CNN-44 minutes ago TBI investigators say they looked at Forrest's phone and his emails after Barry admitted publicly to the affair. Two of his emails each contained one photo that showed a partially nude or fully naked woman, court...
  17. jacobfitcher

    Indicted Missouri governor resigns from post with GOP governors group

    Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, under indictment for invasion of privacy in connection with the cover-up of an extramarital affair, has resigned from a leadership position with the Republican Governors Association, the organization said on Friday. Report Advertisement Greitens will not...
  18. the watchman

    school shooting resource officer resigns.

    just hearing about this. If there's a thread please merge. The resource officer, for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, has resigned due to an investigation that reveals he chose not to engage the shooter, when he had the chance. Looking for a source...
  19. DemoWhip

    New Jersey official resigns after uproar over 'racist' Facebook post

    New Jersey official resigns after uproar over 'racist' Facebook post By Meghan Keneally ==================================================== There is absolutely no room for such egregious language by anyone to be used with regard to immigrants. The majority of Americans welcome them...
  20. the watchman

    another WH aide quits over domestic violence allegations.

    breaking news. A speech writer this time. Can't find a link yet. *edit...found it*...