1. Macduff

    Tuesday primary results

    I'm surprised there wasn't a thread about this. In South Carolina, Democrats nominated a wife beater for a Congressional seat. Don't be so smug...
  2. BoiseBo

    Pleased with last night's AI results!

    Maddie was my favorite from the get-go ... Anyone unsure about Maddie? :hyper:
  3. R

    Primary day voting - results

    WV Senate race - Blankenship losing. Down by 10 thousand votes. 40 percent reporting. I think the media and the Democrats are hoping for a blankenship win. OH governor race - kuninich out, dewine in.
  4. bajisima

    "A Decade of Stagnation" results from NAEP tests

    Scores on the exams known as the “nation’s report card” have barely budged over the last two years, new data show. The minimal progress on the federal math and reading exams given to fourth and eighth graders will be a disappointment to officials who have hoped that their policies would boost...
  5. bajisima

    Illionois primary results, pro life democrat survives

    It’s good to be the incumbent. Democratic Rep. Daniel Lipinski narrowly survived a spirited challenge from progressive Marie Newman on Tuesday, in a primary race that could have implications beyond this Chicago district. Lipinski is a seven-term lawmaker, a legacy congressman, and one of the...
  6. bmanmcfly

    Results from the Dec 21 Executive Order

    Just a refresher : On Dec 21, last year Trump signed the Executive Order targeting human rights abusers. The document apparently began with 13 names...
  7. cpicturetaker12

    TRUMP RIGGED results for MISS UNIVERSE CONTESTANTS to enrich Trump brand properties!

    You know back in the 50's there were some laws written about FIXING 'TV' competitions. Wonder if that applied to the MISS AMERICA or the Teen (?) pageants? Trump owned those too at some point. So he FIXED which women could win in the Miss Universe pageant? I guess there was NO oversight for...
  8. Friday13

    LV gunman's brain exam results

    Las Vegas gunman's brain exam only deepens mystery of his actions
  9. The Man

    Independent pollster won't publish results anymore

    Independent Russian Pollster Self-Censors Ahead of Elections Wonderful...
  10. Idiocracat

    Roy Moore files complaint to block Alabama Senate result

    I wonder if Trump will pick up his cause. Roy Moore files complaint to block Alabama Senate result
  11. Minotaur

    Results of Alabama Race

    If there is no other thread on this, may as well update here.
  12. DemoWhip

    Twitter erupts in celebration as marriage equality results announced in Australia

    Twitter erupts in celebration as marriage equality results announced in Australia By Dan Tracer ==================================================== Hey Australian Mates...
  13. Rasselas

    NFL Cheats/Game Results are Fake

    Why is it that owners of NFL teams are so careful about the political freedoms of their players? It's been pointed out that other leagues (like the even more African-American NBA) have moved to prevent Kaepernick-style protests. The NFL is almost laughable in its policing of uniforms...
  14. Blueneck

    Alleged 91 Hour Erection Results In Lawsuit

    Wow, 91 hours. :f_yikes: Hard to imagine.
  15. bajisima

    Austrian election results

    Austria's 31-year-old foreign minister declared victory for his party Sunday in a national election that set him up to become Europe's youngest leader and puts the country on course for a rightward turn. Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz claimed the win as final results announced by the...
  16. Sassy

    White Supremacists, You Won't Like Your DNA Results
  17. Goofball

    2nd Quarter GDP Growth 3.1%. Trump trumps Obama's best results.

    Trump produces higher GDP in 2nd quarter than Obama did during his 8 years. Let's hear the board Dims tell us how this is all because of Obama.......:smiley_ROFLMAO:
  18. BYG Jacob

    Kansas special election results

    Democrats winning currently with 21% in. Live Results: Republicans Defend House Seat in Kansas Special Election ? Election Results 2017 ? The New York Times
  19. DebateDrone

    Trump Gets an Ovation When He Reads the Results of a Poll.

    Donald Trump get an ovation from the attendees at the Oval Office when he announces the results from a poll of National Association of Manufactures who now have a 93% positive outlook on the future of their business in this country. Up from 56% Trump touted. A 20 year record high he said. Are...
  20. Dangermouse

    Trump bans scientists from releasing research results to the taxpayers who paid.

    Not only the EPA but any agency charged with oversight of science or the environment.