1. C

    Why didn't Justice Breyer and Ginsburg Retire under Obama? Huge Miscalculation?

    When I see all the outrage over Kennedy from the Left, I keep thinking that's not the real issue. He was a Republican appointee. The real issue as I see it is Ginsburg (85) and Breyer (79). Why wouldn't they retire under Barack Obama? Where they both so sure of Hillary Clinton...
  2. bajisima

    Rep Charlie Dent R-PA will retire in May, not wait until January

    Kind of strange? The announcement that Rep. Charlie Dent, R-PA., is going to retire in May has thrown Pennsylvania politics into chaos. With Dent gone, the race will be on to see who replaces him for the few months before the regular election in November. In departing two-thirds of the way...
  3. D

    Rep. Barton, embarrassed by sex scandal, to retire

    Rep. Joe Barton, embarrassed by nude photo online, to retire - ABC News By Will Weissert, Associated Press ==================================================== And another Republican goes down! Amazing how they're dropping like flies one by one. But it makes one wonder, why do they do...
  4. Madeline

    Equifax Announces 2 Executives Will Retire After Data Breach The lack of insight on the part of the Old White Men (and a woman) who run Equifax is absolutely stunning. They tank the Social Security system...
  5. Singularity

    Bob Corker may retire

    This would put the Senate in play. It would create deep divisions within the Tennessee GOP, a cage-match primary would be all but guaranteed. If the president's popularity and overall agenda doesn't recover before election day, you could see a faction of the GOP base not show up and hand the...
  6. Ginger

    Justice Kennedy May RETIRE

    To be sure, Kennedy has given no public sign that he will retire this year and give President Donald Trump his second high court pick in the first months of his administration. Kennedy's departure would allow conservatives to take firm control of the court. But Kennedy turns 81 next month and...
  7. bajisima

    SC Justice Kennedy planning to retire?

    This is interesting..Seems the connection is deep between Trump and the Kennedy family. After Donald Trump wrapped up his first speech to Congress and worked his way through the crowd, he lingered on his handshake with Anthony Kennedy, the 80-year-old Supreme Court justice. The boom mics...
  8. bajisima

    SC Justice Kennedy to retire?

    This story really seems to be picking up steam. Will it happen? For the White House, President Trump’s first nomination to the Supreme Court is partly about getting the chance to make a second. In tapping Judge Neil M. Gorsuch for an open seat, Mr. Trump chose a candidate with the potential...
  9. thrilling

    Time for Rousey to retire Nunes has a great perspective on how Rousey was fucked over by her own coach. Listen at about the 2:00 mark. Nunes gives it to Rousey's coach.
  10. Goofball

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg needs to retire.

    Get it over with. Go sit on your porch and drink yourself into a stupor on your own time.
  11. The Man

    Elderly Chinese to retire to Crimea???

    The Chinese want to resettle their elderly to Crimea | News from Crimea and Ukraine This is from "Sobytiya", a pro-Ukraine online publication which has been blocked by Russian authorities: Popular local online news publication blocked in Crimea I normally take anything the Ukrainians say...
  12. aboutenough

    How much money do you need to comfortably retire?

    The table below summarises the weekly costs for housing, energy, food, clothing and so forth and then provides a yearly figure. As is probably true for most Australians, the biggest costs tend to be transport (or maintaining a car), food and then leisure. A more detailed table that runs over...
  13. B

    Is It Time for Hillary To Retire?

    Is her mental state fine? Is she still able to effectively lead the nation as a president? If so, does she have extensive political history to prove that? I'm not sure. We do need to get someone who has fresh ideas, someone who can show us a road map, and explain in detail how to get this once...
  14. Babba

    Elephants to Retire from Ringling Brothers

    I'm glad to know this. I've always thought it was awful to treat those magnificent and highly intelligent creatures like that.
  15. B

    Maybe Hillary Clinton Should Retire Her White House Dreams

    Maybe Hillary Clinton Should Retire Her White House Dreams - It does seem like she's putting things in her own way... maybe on purpose.
  16. R

    California Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer to Retire

    which california democrats will run for her seat? ------------------- WASHINGTON (AP) -- Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer of California, one of the chamber's most tenacious liberals, announced Thursday she will not seek re-election in 2016 to a fifth term. A staunch supporter of abortion...
  17. P

    Do You Have Enough Money To Retire?

    You should prepare. And the sooner the better. There is a pension funding crisis, which is particularly acute in the United States, where state and local governments’ defined benefit pension plans are underfunded by more than $4 trillion, putting at risk the financial security of...
  18. meridian5455

    Michigan's John Dingell to retire from Congress after 58 years

    Rep. John Dingell is leaving the Congress he’s served for longer than anyone else in United States history. At a luncheon Monday in his beloved Downriver, the Dearborn representative says he will announce he won’t seek re-election this fall to the seat he’s held since 1955. “I’m not going to be...
  19. B

    Why it’s increasingly likely Michele Bachmann will retire

    Why it?s increasingly likely Michele Bachmann will retire | MinnPost Oh, please may it be so!!!!! This article made me realize it's really, really her. I don't care who the GOP puts up - as long as it's not her.
  20. Singularity

    Saxby Chambliss, R-GA, to retire at end of term in 2015

    This is sad. There was every indication that Chambliss intended to break ground in defying Norquist and, in so doing, argue for his re-election as a true representative of the people who voted for him, and not special interests. All things being equal in a general election, the tinge of purple...